Czech jumpers were eleventh at the WC in mixed teams, the Germans won

Czech jumpers were eleventh at the WC in mixed teams, the Germans won

Whether these jumpers were at the World Championships in laughter one, the Germans won

Selina Freitag of Germany in the mixed team jumping event at the World Ski Championships in Planica, Slovenia on February 26, 2023.

Planica (Slovenia) – Ski jumpers Karolína Indráčková, Radek Rýdl, Klára Ulrichová and Roman Koudelka took 11th place at the World Championships in Classic Skiing. Germany won the mixed team competition in Planica ahead of Norway and home Slovenia.

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Čeští jumpers were at the World Cup in mixed teams, the Germans won

These jumpers were among the teams at the WC ;, the Germans won

The jumpers were at the WC in mixed teams, the Germans won

If all three jumpers were in the mixed team at the WC, the Germans won

In the windy conditions, the Czech representatives were far from progressing to the final eight in the fifteen-member starting field. All four performed evenly, Ulrich's 85.5 m long attempt was the best scored. Indráčková and Koudelka jumped half a meter less, Rýdl recorded 83.5, but the men started from a lower entry window.

The German jumpers, represented by the new world champion Katharina Althaus, Selina Freitag and the silver and bronze medalist of the middle bridge Andreas Wellinger with Karl Geiger, confirmed their role as favourites. Runners-up Norway beat by 12.7 points, Olympic race winners Slovenia lost 16.8 points.

World Skiing Championships in Planica (Slovenia):

Running – pairs sprint free:

Men: 1. Golberg, Klaebo (Nor.) 17:28.14, 2. De Fabiani, Pellegrino (It.) -2.48, 3. Jay, Jouve (Fr.) -16.48, 4. Cyr, Ritchie (Can.) -22.95, 5. Halfvarsson, Anger (Swed.) -29.58, 6. Clugnet, Young (Brit.) -32.52,… 9. Šeller, M. Novák (CZ ) -43.16.

Women: 1. Ribomová, Sundlingová (Sweden) 19:40.73, 2. Kalvaaová, T. U. Wengová (Nor.) -2.42, 3. Digginsová, Kernová (USA) -5.33, 4. Gimmlerová, Carlová (Germany) -22.89, 5. Weberová, Fähndrichová (Switzerland) -36.71, 6. Joensuuová, Pärmäkoskiová (Fin.) -37.93, 7. A. Nováková, Janatová (ČR) -58.99.

Nordic combination – mixed teams:

1. Norway (J.L. Oftebro, Hagen, Westvoldová Hansenová, Riiber) 37:38.2, 2. Germany (Geiger, Nowakova, Armbrusterová, Schmid) -47.8, 3. Austria (Rettenegger, Slamikova, Hirnerová, Lamparter) -1: 00.0, 4. Italy -1:53.5, 5. Japan -2:02.5, 6. Finland -3:32.1.

Jump – mixed teams:

1. Germany (Althausová, Geiger, Freitagová, Wellinger) 1017.2 p., 2. Norway (Strömová, Forfang, Björsethová, Granerud) 1004.5, 3. Slovenia (Križnarová, Zajc, Klinecová, Lanišek) 1000.4, 4. Austria 987.5, 5. Japan 944.9, 6. Finland 885.5, …11. Czech Republic (K. Indráčková, Rýdl, Ulrichová, Koudelka) 391.5.