Czech President Pavel will visit Berlin on March 21 and Selb in Bavaria in May

Czech President Pavel will visit Berlin on March 21 and Selb in Bavaria in May

Czech President Pavel visited Berlin on March 21 and Bavaria in May Selb

President-elect of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel at the Munich Security Conference on February 18, 2023 with the Czech Consul General in Munich Ivana Červenková.

Munich (Germany) – The President-elect of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, will visit Berlin on March 21. After Slovakia and Poland, this will be his third foreign trip after the inauguration in March. Today, Pavel told Czech journalists on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, which he attended in the Bavarian capital. In May, Pavel will go to Selb in Bavaria for the Bavarian-Czech Days, he agreed on this today in a meeting with Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder. He also received an invitation from him for an official visit to Munich without a deadline.

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“In the first week after the inauguration, I will go to Slovakia and Poland, and the next week, on March 21, to Berlin. Those are the first three trips,” answered Pavel to ČTK's question. This morning, on the sidelines of the conference, he met with the head of the Bavarian government, who also invited him to Munich after the inauguration. “I received an invitation to Bavaria without a date yet, we will work on it,” he said. He called Bavaria, with which the Czech Republic has close ties, a natural partner for negotiations.

“And I am convinced that anyone who is willing to act and approach it constructively, and I got the impression that the Bavarian government is inclined to do so, such an opportunity simply must be used,” said Pavel.

Pavel also told journalists that his meeting with Söder today resulted from the fact that, as president, he wants to focus on Czech regions with structural problems. This week he visited the Karlovy Vary region, which is struggling with such problems. From Karlovy Vary he went to Munich for a conference, where he told Söder about his plans and the problems of the regions. According to Pavle, the Bavarian government expressed willingness to deal with these problems.

“We agreed to participate in the days in Selb, which is directly opposite Aša, when the joint Bavarian-Czech friendship days will take place there in May. Considering that the expectations from the Czech side were not fully fulfilled, the Bavarian government welcomed my good will to take part in it,” he said. In Selb, Pavel meets Söder again. “I assume that we will talk about specific issues that are problematic in the Karlovy Vary region, about cooperation in the health sector, about the cooperation of the police, firefighters and other agencies,” he added.

Celebrations as part of the Bavarian-Czech Days the friendships will last for 12 weeks from May 19 to August 6. The event is held as a symbol of the successes of the cross-border development of the regions of Bavaria and the Czech Republic to date, cultural events are planned on both sides of the border.

Pavla's meeting with the Bavarian Prime Minister today took place at Söder's request. “The further development of the Bavarian-Czech border area is particularly important to us,” wrote the Bavarian Prime Minister on Twitter. He supplemented the tweet with a photo of him shaking hands with Pavel.