Dad came on stage and danced ballet together with 2-year-old daughter

Папа вышел на сцену и станцевал балет вместе с 2-летней дочерью

All parents follow the daily lives of their children, their dreams, achievements and of course failures. So, one Pope came on the scene to help my two year old daughter, who was afraid to speak, and danced with her ballet.

The father supported her daughter on the stage

Mark Daniels saw that his daughter Bella was frightened and embarrassed on stage in front of so many people, so he decided to come to her aid, reports

The video shows how the girl was frightened and refused to do ballet together with other children. Therefore, the mark holding another younger daughter Suri on his hands, helped Bella with the dance moves.

“I danced with Suri’s hands and helped Bella to feel confident in myself — I told her that I love her and she is an incredible dancer. Then I asked if she wanted to dance with daddy and she said Yes, and since I practiced a lot at home with her, I knew all the movement, ” said mark.

Online video has gained huge popularity, becoming viral. Interestingly, the man works as a lawyer and his dance moves attracted the attention of colleagues at work — they said they admire him.

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