Daimler will begin to use 3D printers in production Sintratec

Daimler начнет использовать 3D-принтеры Sintratec в производстве

Well-known German bus manufacturer, Daimler Buses Group started cooperation with the Swiss company Sintratec developing solutions for 3D printing car parts.

Experts Avto.pro, an online platform for trading with auto parts, tell you what results to expect of the company, as well as how new technology will affect one of the core markets of Daimler.

System Sintratec S2 is one of the best solutions in the field of selective laser sintering. 3D printers that work within this system can produce the automotive components and repair them. 3D printers will be equipped with the plants and service centers EvoBus, a subsidiary of Daimler. This solution has a number of features:

Sintratec S2 can be used in small scale production of parts;
Manufacturing with 3D printers has the lowest rates of waste generation;
The work of 3D-printers can be set once. That brings Daimler to create digital factory, the operation of which don’t need numerous personnel.

Car parts, which were printed on a printer that was more expensive than parts made by other methods. However, there are examples of companies demonstrating that such production every year reduces the cost.

Cooperation with Sintratec will allow Daimler Buses to respond faster to changes in demand. Organization of production of new parts using 3D printers requires few days. Under normal serial production update the range of products takes much more time.

Until that time, the value of 3D printing was too high, so the suppliers of automotive parts have not considered it even for production of small series. Thanks to the work Sintratec and other companies with similar profile, 3D printers can be compared in accuracy with forging and stamping equipment.

EvoBus GmbH, a subsidiary of Daimler, will check whether the printers can save on scale. Something similar is already doing the Ford Motor Company, but in the case of the American company 3D printers are only prototypes of machines and spare parts. This allows the company to save significantly: the production of a complex prototype of the traditional ways require $500 thousand and about 2-3 months, while print — $3 thousand and a few days.

The use of innovative equipment at the plant of Daimler EvoBus will help you to solve a number of problems. After all, reduces the cost of prototyping and the possibility of rapid organization of new industries. If Sintratec and Daimler will achieve goals that other companies will also begin to massively use this technology in prototyping and manufacturing. The introduction of 3D printers will have a positive impact on the cost of cars and components.

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