Damaged car, what is convenient and not worth repairing

Damaged car, what is convenient and not worth repairing

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Damaged car, what is convenient and not worth repairing

Many times it happens that you have to face a difficult choice: to repair one crashed car involved in a accident or sell it and buy a new one. In many cases, in fact, the cars, even if they have an accident, only report aesthetic or otherwise damage repairable with rather small expenses. However, the first thing to do is to have knowledge of the value of the vehicle (in the state in which it was before the accident), only in this way is it possible to carry out an economic and financial analysis on what to do.

In other words, once the value of the vehicle has been ascertained and costs necessary to be able to refurbish it, it is possible to make a precise analysis. For example, if the machine has a value of 5 thousand euros (not damaged) and only needed a thousand or two thousand euros to repair it, then it certainly pays to do so.

How convenient is it to repair acrashed car

The very first thing to consider when you intend to repair a car that has been damaged, or otherwise broken for any reason, is your own needs.

We need to go beyond the emotional sphere, many people, in fact, are tied to a car because maybe it was a gift from a loved one, or because it was used in a certain period of life. However, it is necessary not to consider sentimentality and to think only of one’s own usage needs.

Depending on the extent of the damage, a decision is made whether or not to repair a damaged car

Obviously everything depends on the extent of the damage to be repaired, for example, if it is a question of small scratches or dents that are not too large, it is also possible not to think about it too much and proceed with the repairs.

The reasoning changes, however, in the event that the vehicle has reported serious damage, which require significant amounts of money to be able to repair them.

Damaged car, what are the repairable damages?

Damage caused by the accident it did not cause is normally considered to be “easily repairable” dents of the frame of the vehicle. The frame, in fact, represents the skeleton of the machine and if this were to be damaged due to the accident, it could seriously compromising the usefulness of the machine.

Damaged car, what is convenient and not worth repairing

Easily repairable damage is damage not affecting the frame

Also, should the damage affect those easily removable components (such as the door, windshield, tailgate, hoods, etc.) the repair would result very simple.

Damaged car chassis damage, when it is not convenient to repair it

As announced above, i “serious” damage they are precisely the ones that dent the frame, thus determining one impairment of vehicle stability. Such damage can be repaired only and exclusively with the intervention of professional coachbuilders.

Damaged car, what is convenient and not worth repairing

If the car chassis is bent and damaged, it is not worth repairing it

In fact, if you do not act adequately, the doors may not close, the stability while driving could be compromised etc.

How to find a good body shop

When we have done the appropriate assessments it is time to look for a good repairman. If you don’t have your own trusted coachbuilder, it is essential to find one. Fortunately, today it is quite easy to find a professional all over Italy.

For example, if you reside in the Capital, you can find one body shop in Rome in one or more ways: by searching online, by spreading the word in workshops etc.

Damaged car, what is convenient and not worth repairing

Online you can find a coachbuilder in Rome which is right for us

Anyhow, find a body shop in Rome, or in any other city of the peninsula, it is very simple, especially by making a short one search online. In any case, it is still advisable to request more quotes in order to find the most convenient offer.

Especially when the damage is serious need for more attention it is essential to turn to one or more body shops in Rome, so you can evaluate multiple quotes.

It might interest you, indeed I recommend it!

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