Dan Bárta and the band Illustratosphere are reissuing their first two albums

Dan Bárta and the band Illustratosphere are reissuing their first two albums

Dan Bárta and the band Illustratosphere have reissued their first two albums

Illustrative photo – Singer Dan Bárta pictured on May 6, 2021 in Prague.

Prague – After more than twenty years, Dan Bárta and the group Illustratosphere are releasing their debut album Illustratosphere and their second recording Entropicture in a remastered reissue. Their release will be followed by a concert tour called Němá éra 2023, which will begin on April 12 in Prague's Divadle pod Palmovkou. From the songs from the first two albums of the project Dan Bárta & The Illustratosphere should comprise one third of the program. Bárta said this in an interview with ČTK today.

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Both records are released on CD and for the first time also on vinyl, including Entropicture as double vinyl. “I think that vinyl is a medium that is generally in vogue today. Old records are sold out and people are asking about them. And now with Illustratosphere we have a gap between two albums, when the old ones are mature and the new ones are not yet born,” said Bárta.

The original recordings have been given a new spin using current technology while maintaining the authenticity of the Illustratosphere sound. Guitarist and founding member Miroslav Chyška took up the remastering. He was also behind the original sound of the debut album, which won the Czech Music Academy's Anděl award in the Album of the Year category, and frontman Bárta won the singer of the year award for it.

“That record was quite successful for how complex the music is. It wasn't exactly pop at first. We made something that resonated quite nicely with the musician and listening community, so we thought why not recycle it years later. Našinec doesn't have much time to go back to the things he's already done, but when we listened to it now, we realized that these are good records,” said Bárta.

The Silent Era tour, which will begin on April 12 in Prague, will also end in the capital on June 28. Dan Bárta & Illustratosphere will perform on the Summer Stage of Museo Kampa. They will not introduce any guests on the tour. “Someone would have to go the whole way with us, if he was a guest at, say, only two concerts, then it cancels or misses the effect. Maybe it's enough that the drummer Martin Valihora will play the old stuff with us and some songs from Entropicture, on which didn't take part, Míra Chyška will play. So I think we're going to goof off, but we're not going to do some christening with champagne pouring over the records,” Bárta pointed out.

Bárta released the last album with Illustratosphere called Kráska a vivréný prach three years ago. “We are constantly composing when we find some time,” said Bárta about the possible news. I think that Filip (Jelínek), Míra (Chyška) and I have several motives. Of course, it will take some time to develop,” he added.

Bárta started his solo career in 1999 with the compilation album Dan Bárta & …. Before that, he worked in the rock band Alice and occasionally performs with the J.A.R. group. In addition, he sang in Roman Holé's project Sexy Dancers.He also established himself on the musical and film scene.