Dance Prague Festival will present new foreign artists as well as the return of successful guests

Dance Prague Festival will present new foreign artists as well as the return of successful guests

Festival Tanec Praha will present new foreign artists and the return of ch guests

Illustrative photo – Yvona Kreuzmannová, the founder of the international festival Dance Prague, gave an interview to the Czech Press Office (ČTK) on May 31, 2018. On the left in the picture is choreographer, dancer and photographer Jiří Kylián.

Prague – For the first time in its history, Flemish choreographer Jan Martens, whose work is successful on the international stage, will participate in the thirty-fifth annual festival of contemporary dance and movement theater Tanec Praha. After ten years, the Belgian troupe Peeping Tom will return to Tanec Praha, which presented itself at the 25th edition of the event with the production 32 rue Vandenbranden. The Prague part of the festival will take place from June 7 to 27. Tours of Czech and foreign productions on various dates will also head to more than 20 cities and towns across the country. The organizers stated this in a press release.

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“Peeping Tom exceed the limits of physical possibilities and draw us into an absurd world outside of reality. Their cinematic vision and massive scenography do not take away space for dance, on the contrary. Jan Martens is an iconic figure of the Flemish conceptual scene and I am very happy to have him for the first time we welcome you to the festival,” said Yvona Kreuzmannová, founder and director of Tance Praha.

“We were invited to the network of 12 European dance festivals Big Pulse Dance Alliance, and thus gave space for the creation of larger scenic works by authors whose talent has already convinced us of originality and quality,” she added. Such projects will be presented by festival two, both of which are artists who the festival audience has already experienced in smaller productions, they are Silvia Gribaudiová and Oona Dohertyová.

From the Aerowaves platform, the artistic board of the festival selected a shorter female solo created by Jacopo Jenna as a dancer's dialogue with carefully selected film material. The festival has reflected the Israeli dance scene since its beginnings. This year Yasmeen Godder will come in person, who during the pandemic was dedicated to researching empathy and returns to the stage after years with her own solo concept.

Austrian choreographer Helene Weinzierlová with her CieLAROQUE has already performed at the festival, this time her three dancers with insight and irony, they will move the audience in Prague and the regions in interiors and exteriors.

The revitalization of public space is also part of the work of Brazilian choreographer Flávia Tápiasová, who staged a performance with Brazilian and French artists and a musician from the Czech Republic, which she will complete at creative residence in Broumov. From there he will go to other Czech cities and in August he will continue his tour of Brazil. For the Czech Republic, there are also three dancers from Ukraine in the project, but the festival creates more space for artists from this war-torn country. This time, Focus Ukraine will open space not only to refugee artists in the Czech Republic, but also to other EU countries and to the work of dancers directly in Ukraine.