‘Dancing Engineer’ after undergoing rhinoplasty: “No pain, no inflammation”

‘Dancing Engineer’ after undergoing rhinoplasty: “No pain, no inflammation”

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‘Dancing Engineer’ after undergoing rhinoplasty: “No pain, no inflammation”

The success of the song “I don’t know” not only gave a great media leap to the Explosión group from Iquitos, but also to the ‘Dancing Engineer’. This character became quite well known when he danced this song with great skill in whatever presentation it had.

This earned him a walk through all the television channels of our country to demonstrate his ability to dance, especially with this success. Now, the character has become a constant user of social networks where he daily shares his activities with his thousands of followers.

It is so what, the ‘Dancing engineer ‘revealed that he underwent a rhinoplasty and showed the great change that suffered after this retouch. This time, the character used TikTok to publicize this fact and revealed that he did not suffer any type of pain or inflammation.

‘Dancing Engineer’ disappointed in Melody for ignoring him twice

The ‘Dancing Engineer’ was involved in the middle of the controversy after a visit to the set of Women in command. The character claimed that the singer Melody ignored him up to two times during his time on this program.

“I was surprised by that attitude, because I told her that it was the ‘Dancing Engineer’, then she saw the camera so all surprised and did not say anything else,” she explained during a broadcast on Instagram, held last Tuesday 29.

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