Daniela Kolářová will receive the prize of the president of the Karlovy Vary festival

The Karlovy Vary Festival President Award will go to Daniela Kolářová

Actress Daniela Kolářová, September 22, 2016.

Prague – Actress Daniela Kolářová will receive the Karlovy Vary Film Festival President's Award at this year's edition, festival president Jiří told journalists today Bartoška. The crystal globe will be received by a popular representative of many film and theater roles at the end of the festival. On the occasion of her award, the festival will present the legendary comedy Ball Lightning, said Bartoška. The laureate chose this picture herself.

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Daniela Kolářová, who was born on September 21, 1946, has appeared in around a hundred films and dozens of TV series since the mid-1960s. Kolářová, known to the audience from her roles in the films Alone in the Forest, Ball Lightning, Summer with a Cowboy or Returnable Bottles, is also still sought after by television and film directors. She considers herself more of a theater actress. She spent most of her career in the Vinohrady Theater in Prague, after leaving the engagement a few years ago she appeared on a number of smaller stages.

As part of the tradition of presenting digitally restored films, the Karlovy Vary Festival this year has on its program the premiere of Evald Schorm's Every Day of Courage, one of the essential films of the Czechoslovak New Wave. According to Bartoška, ​​the actor and director Jan Kačer promised to participate in the film launch.

The Minister of Culture Martin Baxa (ODS) stated at a press conference about the festival today that the state will support the show in the next three years with the amount of 35 million crowns. Previously, the Ministry of Culture contributed 30 million crowns in regular terms, which were not affected by the covid pandemic, while the Karlovy Vary region and the city of Karlovy Vary sent eight million crowns each. The total budget of the festival is around 130 to 150 million crowns. The festival has more partners than in previous years, Bartoška said that inflation was also reflected in the festival's management.

Executive director Kryštof Mucha said that the fulfillment for partners has not increased since 2014 and only for the Thermal and Pupp hotels According to him, the festival already paid millions of crowns more last year. The big partners have remained and new ones have joined, he said.

The fifty-seventh year of the film festival will take place in Vary from June 30 to July 8. Today, the organizers outlined the first program sections of the festival, the main guests will be introduced at further press conferences.

Among the most famous guests of last year's festival were the Australian actor Geoffrey Rush, the American actor and producer Benicio del Toro and the American actor and director Liev Schreiber . Among the Czech creators, Bolek Polívka was honored with the Festival President's Award.

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