Dasha Kvitkova expressed his opinion about the correct attitude of the people

The winner of the Bachelor 9 Darius Kvitkova, which is now the official fiancée of the main character of the show Nikita Dobrynin, during the quarantine and forced sitting at home, trying to communicate more with the fans in the network and sharing useful information. Recently, she shared a long list of interesting movies that you can watch during the “house arrest” — they loved had already revised a lot of things.

Даша Квиткова высказала свое мнение о правильном отношении к людям

In addition, Dasha publishes his thoughts and reflections on a variety of topics. At this time, the beauty decided to discuss what should be the correct attitude to the people around us. She accompanied the post homemade atmospheric shots of the bride Dobrynin sitting on the sofa sporting a white top and a white robe, and her hair gathered in a sloppy hairstyle.

According to Kvitkove, you should not forget about respect for themselves and their interests and not listen to people who don’t want to hear you.

“Foster a correct attitude towards people. Stop arguing with people who clearly do not want to listen to you. Never waste your time trying to explain something to someone who definitely does not want to accept anything other than their point of view. Such people often will try to impose his “unshakable” truths.

Stop listening to people who criticize you for reasonable mistakes. Errors — a part of the development. Therefore, if we move forward, we will necessarily accompany grief. They should not be ashamed of or avoided. If someone starts to blame you for mistakes that brought you new experiences and make you stronger, not listen to it. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Sometimes it is necessary to listen to others ‘ opinions, but make your conclusions based on your own mind.

Nobody has the right to make you feel insignificant and small, until you give them that power. Respect yourself. If you caught someone in a lie, tell it, speak up. Draw your own conclusions. Some people will lie to you repeatedly, just because it’s in their nature. You deserve to be with people who make you smile. Stop lease yourself to people who just use you.

Stop being a back-up option for others. If you notice that the person with you only when he has no more interesting things, then save yourself from this and make space for new relationships, free time for those people who are genuinely happy to see you,” shared wise counsel Dasha.

Followers began to admire the beauty of the girls in the comments and thank her for such good and motivating words.

  • I agree with every word. You good girl Dasha, an inspiration to continue
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  • Duzhe rozumn words ,thanks
  • What wonderful words
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  • Dasha, VI super! I read You duzhe curiously.
  • Duzhe klasni post
  • thank you for gitti post!!
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  • What are the right words
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