Davidová jumped to eighth place in the chase, Krčmář took 16th place.

Davidová jumped to eighth place in the chase, Krčmář took 16th place.

Davidova jumped to eighth place in the race, Krčměř si pohor&scaron He went to 16. /></p>
<p> Biathlon World Cup race – women's 10 km pursuit race, March 4, 2023 Nové Město na Moravě, Žďársko. Markéta Davidová from the Czech Republic greets the audience. </p>
<p class='big' itemprop='description'>Nové Město na Moravě (Žďársko) – Markéta Davidová moved from sixteenth place to eighth in the pursuit race of biathletes at the World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě. Michal Krčmář lost three places to sixteenth place. He paid for four mistakes on the range. The leading position from the sprint was confirmed by the Norwegian Bö brothers. Johannes Thingnes decorated the small crystal globe with another emphatic victory, more than half a minute ahead of Tarjei. Swede Martin Ponsiluoma finished third.</p>
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Davidova jumped to eighth place in the race, Krčměř was upset about 16. , The innkeeper got angry at 16.” />

Davidova jumped to eighth place in the race, Krčmář was upset at 16. , The innkeeper got angry at 16.” />

Despite the hesitation on the first and third items, the Krčmář held on to the thirteenth place for a long time, from which he started the race. However, two mistakes in the final standing shooting dropped him to 19th position, which he improved by three places in the last round. He was almost 37 seconds away from the top ten.

“I'm not at all sad about it. I still think it's a high standard and a race where you move ahead,” Krčmář told reporters. “I fought for a good position until the last stand, unfortunately I made two mistakes on the fourth shot and that condemned me to the back positions. Not that I'm sad, but I'm certainly not beating myself up,” he added.

From the Czech representatives, Tomáš Mikyska also scored, who took 37th place after five penalty rounds. Jakub Štvrtecký was five places behind him with seven mistakes, and Adam Václavík took 49th place with the same balance.

“It wasn't much. I'm sorry for the shooting and running it was fifty to fifty. Although I'm here he also finished the second race on points, but the spectators deserved more,” said Mikyska.

The current ruler of the world biathlon, Johannes Thingnes Bö, once again turned the fighter into a solo race. After two zeroes lying down, his lead over his older sibling grew to almost a minute. Although he missed once each time on the stand, he always left the penalty circle before Tarjei opened fire. They were more than half a minute apart at the finish line.

The fight for third place was far behind them. Thanks to the fastest running time, the bronze medal was won by Ponsiluoma, who improved by three places despite five mistakes. He lost over a minute to the winner.

Davidová jumped to eighth place

Davidová moved from sixteenth place to eighth. Two errors in the initial standing shooting deprived her of an even better position. The leading position after the sprint was defended by the Norwegian Marte Olsbuová Röiselandová after a dramatic course.

“I'm sorry for the second place. It was probably unnecessary. I was a little in a hurry, and I think that required more respect. On the other hand, I was able to grab a few calibers, so it's it's about zero to zero. Sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you're not,” Davidová told journalists.

Thanks to two initial zeros and a fast run, the Czech number one got within sight of the front before the third shot, on which she lost 20 seconds. But then she had to do two penalty rounds and fell to 12th place. The final zero returned her to the top ten, and her eighth place is the best Czech result so far in the home part of the SP in Vysočín.

“I have to say that when I have good skis and feel good on them, I enjoy racing,” said Davidová, who had the sixth running time. “Unfortunately, my last rounds this year are not what I would have imagined. On the other hand, I didn't even have easy opponents in it,” added the eighth woman of the World Cup. up seven positions to 34th. Jessica Jislova added three more clean entries to the sprint's zero, but then missed twice and finished forty-second. Lucie Charvátová was five places behind her.

The order on the podium has not changed compared to the sprint. But the race was much more balanced than the men's race. Sprint winner Olsbu Röiseland made a mistake in the second event lying down, handing over the bronze medal from the sprint to French Anais Chevalier-Bouchet. But then she was twice accurate standing and led again.

In the last circuit, she was chased by compatriot Ingrid Landmark Tandrevoldová, who in some passages got to the front, but Olsbuová Röiselandová attacked in the final climb in front of the stadium and finished for the second victory in Nové Město and the season, which she joined after protracted health problems only in January. As in the sprint, she and Tandrevoldová took care of the Norwegian double. Third behind them was again Chevalierová-Bouchetová.

Results of the SP in biathlon in Nové Město na Moravě

Men – 12.5 km pursuit race: 1 . J.T. Bö 31:25.1 (2 tr. circuits), 2. T. Bö (both Nor.) -34.6 (1), 3. Ponsiluoma (Swed.) -1:11.0 (5), 4 Doll (German) -1:14.5 (2), 5. Claude -1:37.9 (4), 6. Guigonnat (both Fr.) -1:37.9 (4), … 16. Krčmář -2:24.4 (4), 37. Mikyska -4:33.2 (5), 42. Štvrtecký -4:52.5 (7), 49. Václavík (all Czech Republic) -5:12 .7 (7). J. T. Bö 1319, 2. Laegreid 920, 3. Christiansen 682 (both Nor.), 4. T. Bö 598, 5. Ponsiluoma 567, 6. Doll 534, …14. Krčmář 415, 46. Štvrtecký 59, 50. Mikyska 47, 80. Mareček (ČR) 8, 84. Václavík 5.

Women (10 km): 1. Röiselandová 29:22.7 (1), 2. Tandrevoldová (both Nor.) -2.2 (1), 3. Chevalierová-Bouchetová -15.3 (0), 4. Simonová (both Fr.) -53, 0 (2), 5. Vittozziová (It.) -1:09.6 (2), Herrmannová-Wicková (German) -1:09.6 (3), …8. Davidová -1:16.7 (2), 34. Voborníková -3:11.7 (2), 42. Jislová -3:54.8 (2), 47. Charvátová (all Czech Republic) -4:29.7 (4).

Current standings (after 16 of 21 races): 1. Simonová 893, 2. E. Öbergová (Swed.) 735, 3. Vittozziová 720, 4. Wiererová (It.) 679, 5. Herrmannová-Wicková 668, 6. Tandrevoldová 627, …8. Davidová 554, 32. Jislová 134, 53. Voborníková 57, 77. Václavíková (ČR) 2, 78. Charvátová 1.