Davidová was sixteenth in the sprint in Nové Město, Röiselandová won

Davidová was sixteenth in the sprint in Nové Město, Röiselandová won

Davidova was in the sprint in Novy Město and won la Röiselandovaá

Biathlon World Cup race – women's 7.5 km sprint, March 3, 2023 Nové Město na Moravě, Žďársko. Marte Olsbu Röiseland from Norway.

Nové Město na Moravě (Žďársko) – Czech biathletes did not make it among the best in the World Cup sprint in Nové Město na Moravě. Markéta Davidová took 16th place with two mistakes on the shooting range. She lost more than a minute to Norwegian winner Marte Olsbu Röiseland, who was accurate in her shooting.

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Davidova was the winner in the sprint in Nové Město, she won Röiselandova

Davidova was in the sprint in Novém Mesto šestá, she won Rö Icelandic honor, she won Röiselandovaa” />

Davidova was in the sprint in Novém Mesto šestá, she won the Rö Icelandic

Davidová ran solidly when she had the seventh time with a loss of less than half a minute to the fastest Slovenian Anamarija Lampičová. However, she circled the penalty lap once after each event and was 25.3 seconds away from the top ten.

Tereza Voborníková had to go through three penalty rounds and finished in 41st place. The only accurate shooter in the Czech team was Jessica Jislová, but when she returned from injury, she did not run enough and did not score in 44th place either.

Lucie Charvátová performed excellently in the opening two rounds. She was attacking for a top-10 position after a zero layup, but then hit just two of five standing shots to rank 49th

Just like in Thursday's men's sprint, the highest ranks belonged to Norway. Three-time Olympic champion from Beijing and reigning World Cup champion Olsbu Röiseland celebrated her first triumph in the series after returning to racing in January after a long illness. Twenty and a half seconds behind her finished Ingrid Landmark Tandrevoldová, who paid for one penalty lap. The bronze medalist Anais Chevalierová-Bouchetová of France had the same shooting balance, who was another nine seconds behind.

Results of the WC biathlon in Nové Město na Moravě

Women – sprint (7 .5 km): 1. Röiselandová 19:28.4 (0 tr. circuits), 2. Tandrevoldová (both Nor.) -20.5 (1), 3. Chevalierová-Bouchetová (Fr.) -29.3 (1), 4. Wiererová ( It.) -35.4 (1), 5. Voigtová -36.7 (0), 6. Herrmannová-Wicková (both German) -38.5 (1), …16. Davidová -1:08.2 (2), 41. Voborníková -1:50.4 (3), 44. Jislová -1:53.9 (0), 49. Charvátová -2:05.8 (3), 75. Vinklárková (all Czech Republic) -3:13.6 (3).

Continuous standings (after 15 of 21 races): 1. Simonová (Fr.) 843, 2. E. Öbergová (Swed.) 735, 3. Vittozziová (It.) 675, 4. Wiererová 653, 5. Herrmannová-Wicková 628, 6. Tandrevoldová 552, … 8. Davidová 520, 30. Jislová 134, 53. Voborníková 50, 77. Václavíková 2, 78. Charvátová 1.