Day bartender: interesting facts about the profession and celebrating

День бармена: интересные факты о профессии и праздновании

February 6 marks international day of the bartender. This day is the perfect occasion to go tonight to the bar. Especially if today is Monday, or you just have a bad day.

“The man behind the bar” – literally means “bartender” in English. The bartender is not a profession, put on stream in schools – is a delicate art which is in full never taught. Everything matters – experience, intuition, skill, manners and ability to be a good psychologist.

Unlike other professions, in their day bartenders are not resting. Often in bars and clubs on this day, themed parties, tastings, where the bartenders and compete.

The most popular myth about the bartenders – they all drink alcohol. But this is not so. Many members of this profession do not drink alcohol at all, although it does not prevent them to prepare the drinks for others.

A tip for the bartender to leave, by the way, is not accepted in many countries. It is believed that thank they are better for the same drink.

And most importantly – the bartenders do not serve clients and guests. The man did not just come to the bar. Especially without the company. In this case, the bartenders become psychologists. They even have a rule never to speak with guests about politics and religion.

Congratulations to all the bartenders on a holiday! Consume alcohol culture!

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