De Rossi and Covid: “I was in oxygen for 4 days, with saturation at 87. I was afraid”

De Rossi and Covid: “I was in oxygen for 4 days, with saturation at 87. I was afraid”

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De Rossi and Covid: “I was in oxygen for 4 days, with saturation at 87. I was afraid”

As you will recall, Daniele De Rossi had a bad experience with Covid, which forced him to be hospitalized at Spallanzani in Rome with severe symptoms, including pneumonia, and the use of oxygen for days. Moments of fear, admits the former Roma captain in an interview with SportWeek, but now fortunately the worst is over. For De Rossi, after having a really bad time, the joy of winning the European Championships at Wembley in the final against England, as a member of the staff of coach Mancini.

Speaking of the difficult moments related to Covid, the former midfielder says: “I caught him in Bulgaria with the national team. I was immediately sick with a high fever, but I underestimated it. I had read that at my age, 37, you had at most three days of fever. Instead it was a crescendo. I went through three phases. The first, of true malaise: cough all day and nausea. Exhausting. The second, of fear. In hospital at Spallanzani, after taking the saturation which measured 87, the doctors, whom I will never stop thanking, have changed their faces. I was on oxygen for four days. The third phase was that of waiting. After the symptoms, I remained positive for 18 days, without being able to go out ”.

In those dramatic days, some images of De Rossi with the oxygen mask were made public: “It was a video that I sent to my closest friends to reassure them, one of them shot it in a family chat and from there he’s out. Forwarding is the worst option for WhatsApp, it should be deleted. However, even newspapers and websites should stop before publishing confidential material without the will of the person concerned. The spectacular pain and this morbidity due to accidents, injuries, illnesses, I will never share it. It dehumanizes society “.

De Rossi does not skimp harsh words against no-vax, launching an appeal to everyone to get vaccinated: “I am vaccinated, never been against. I can understand the elderly who are afraid of reactions, but the demonstrations in the square of those who talk about conspiracies and deny Covid, I consider pure madness. Having people around who think this way scares me. The vaccine is the only way back to having a normal life. Obligations and impositions always make me sick, democracy cannot be touched, but your freedom to choose cannot affect my health ”.

Meanwhile, after Italy’s extraordinary ride to the European Championships, De Rossi decided to leave the National team: “I found myself splendidly with everyone, I had an unforgettable experience at the Europeans and always indebted to Italy. But I have clear what I want to do: train. And as strange as it may seem, since I’m only 38 and have never sat on the bench, I feel ready. Continuing with the national team, waiting for the first bench to be released, would not make sense and would not be correct towards the Federation and towards Mancini who behaved in a fantastic way with me ”.

His dream, understandably, is to coach Roma sooner or later: “Everyone knows what Roma was and always will be for me. A second skin, a passionate and pure love. Of course I would like to coach her, when I am ready and I will have earned it for my value as a coach and not for my past as a footballer. I believe it will happen one day. But it is a desire, not an obsession. Now I want to have my experiences in Italy or abroad ”.