De Rossi: “I’m leaving the national team, now I want to coach”.  And it says everything about Europeans, the f

De Rossi: “I’m leaving the national team, now I want to coach”. And it says everything about Europeans, the f

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De Rossi: “I’m leaving the national team, now I want to coach”.  And it says everything about Europeans, the f

The former Roma player announces his farewell to Mancini’s staff and talks about himself in a long interview with Sportweek tomorrow on newsstands with Gazzetta dello Sport

“It was a difficult choice but I’m leaving the national team.” Just over a month after his triumphant experience at the European football championships, Daniele De Rossi announces his farewell to Roberto Mancini’s blue staff. He has already warned the coach, the Federation for days and the colleagues of the staff with whom he experienced very strong emotions. In a long and intense interview with Sportweek on newsstands tomorrow with the Gazzetta dello Sport, the former Roma player explains the reasons for a decision taken reluctantly: “It was a difficult choice because I I am found beautifully with everyone. I gave them maybe 1 percent and they allowed me to have an unforgettable experience in return. I will always be indebted to the national team. But I have clear what I want to do: train. And as strange as it may seem, since I’m only 38 and have never sat on the bench, I feel ready. Continuing with the national team, waiting for the first bench to be released, would not make sense and would not be correct towards the Federation and towards Mancini who behaved in a fantastic way with me “.


The national team thus loses one of its protagonists who was able to tiptoe into the blue group, but to immediately give his strong contribution not only as a collaborator of the coach but in the relationship with the players. The frames in which De Rossi warms up with the players before the final remain in the eyes, when he takes the injured Spinazzola on his shoulders to take him under the curve and when in the locker room he celebrates with the Azzurri diving on a table … cover of our weekly magazine, accompanied by photos in the national team and his career, De Rossi talks about himself at 360 degrees. It is an opportunity to retrace the great European cavalcade starting from the moment in which the possibility of bonding with Mancini’s staff materialized, the relationship that linked him to him and the teachings received. “Sometimes there is a bit of ‘phenomenality’ around. Some people talk about football as if it were something for scientists. While the real masters, like Mancio, simplify it”.


De Rossi describes the wonderful climate in the staff and in the blue group that was the secret of Italy’s victory at the European Championship. The turning point of the competition for our national team (“if Arnautovic in the goal annulled against Austria had started 10 centimeters earlier …”), the amusing anecdotes, the lottery of penalties that with Donnarumma in goal is less lottery (“not has limits and can win everything, even the Ballon d’Or “), the importance of a pair of monsters like Bonucci and Chiellini (” hungry for victories and incredible professionals “), and” stories in history “like those of Vialli and Spinazzola. But De Rossi faithful to himself, a man who has always been little inclined to clichés and diplomacy of convenience, does not even hide in front of issues that lead him against the tide. Like when we talk about the English players who took off their medal at the time of the award ceremony (“I found the controversy born in Italy pathetic”) and explains the reasons why we are not in a position to “moralize others”. The opinion on the controversial party on the open bus is also clear.

New life

But the interview also unfolds on the future: his desire to coach, the football without labels that he has in mind, what he would like to keep of the De Rossi player in the De Rossi coach, the technical-tactical aspects and the human values ​​which he will never derogate from when he will lead, hopefully soon, a team of his own (“never be fake, the players will notice it right away and you’re done”). His relationship with Roma could not be missing, the future goal of coaching them (“it will happen when I deserve it, but it’s not an obsession”), the arrival of Mourinho, the hypothesis that he could become his deputy, the relationship with Totti and the wish that “he will be able to return to Roma one day, but …”, with a rebuke to the club for managing the post-career of the number 10 with whom he has lived a thousand battles on the pitch. So the championship at the gates, “Juve on pole with the return of Allegri”, the sorrow for the absence of Conte, “the most competitive of all”. The expected challenges on the bench and the somewhat clever communication of many coaches.

Covid and Sarah

From football to life, Daniele talks about the hard experience of Covid, first during the lockdown and then when he contracted the virus, his position on No Vax, the importance of his family, the relationship with his wife, actress Sarah Felberbaum (“which has improved me as a man and husband”), my relationship with ordinary people and my lack of passion for social media. There are many memories of the past, life on the street as a boy, his Host, friends and the dream he would like to become reality one day. Questions and answers offer a long journey through the life and career of a much loved and never banal champion, often against the tide, always leader. And who is preparing to become very soon … Mr. De Rossi.

August 13 – 09:28