Deadly move on Netflix: the true story behind the popular horror film

Deadly move on Netflix: the true story behind the popular horror film

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Deadly move on Netflix: the true story behind the popular horror film

Directed by Peter winther and starring Ashley Greene (Twilight) and Shawn ashmore (X Men), Deadly move is one of Netflix’s new horror bets, whose plot has captivated millions of people since, to date, it is in the top 10 of the most popular productions on the platform.

According to the description that accompanies the title, the film brings us closer to a young couple, who accepts a deal and moves into a dream home to save their marriage. However, the events of his stay reveal the haunting past of his new home. While the general line of the film sounds somewhat familiar to other films, did you know that Deadly Moving is based on a true story?

A card in the official trailer recites “inspired by a true story”. According to what has been reported by international media, the plot originates from San Diego, California, where Jerry rice Y Janice Ruhter They bought a house in 2011, and that’s where their stormy reality began.

According to the Australian version of the Marie Claire portal, the new owners moved in with a small son, while the lady was 9 months pregnant. However, shortly after their arrival, strange things started to happen like the fact that their neighbors started receiving Valentine’s letters when the newcomers had not sent something.

In addition, specifies the aforementioned medium, Janice told People magazine that when she had her baby, “she was horrified to discover that her name, her photo and her address had been published on the internet.” This situation triggered not only that various subjects harassed the woman during her husband’s trips, but also that false intimate encounters were reported at her home.

Tired of all this, the Police began investigations into the case, which led to Kathy rowe, 53, who argues that he started everything because he lost the opportunity to buy the property, and argues that his wrongdoing was caused by the stress caused by lack of sleep, taking care of his disabled daughter and her husband ill.

In that sense, as the person responsible for the problem, she was sentenced to one year of home surveillance and five years of probation.

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Deadly move on Netflix: the true story behind the popular horror film

Set in rural France, the story follows Virginie (Suliane Brahim), a farmer and single mother of two children, Gastón (Raphael Romand) and Laura (Marie Narbonne). The woman is dedicated to raising edible lobsters, however, her farm is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The protagonist’s efforts are not enough to make a profit, at least until an accident makes her discover a secret formula to increase the production of her insects. All they need to thrive is a special secret ingredient: blood.