Deathloop, Hideo Kojima would like to play it but has problems with FPS

Deathloop, Hideo Kojima would like to play it but has problems with FPS

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Deathloop, Hideo Kojima would like to play it but has problems with FPS

Deathloop it also fascinates Hideo Kojima, apparently, with the famous game designer who talked about the new game Arkane on Twitter claiming he wants to play it, but fears he won’t be able to because of problems he has with FPS, such as nausea or motion sickness.

Kojima is always very talkative on social media regarding his tastes and various personal activities, so it is not surprising that he shared his interest in Deathloop. The game from Arkane and Xbox Game Studios has received a very good reception from critics, with enthusiastic first votes in industry magazines, demonstrating how the Dishonored and Prey team have struck again.

L’originality inherent in the gameplay and in the construction of the game world could only attract the attention of Hideo Kojima, always very inclined to try new videogame experiences if they tend towards innovation, as he had demonstrated days ago also with Twelve Minutes, but in this case c ‘is obviously a problem.

Kojima reports having a hard time playing FPS due to what he defines “3D sickness”: it is a kind of nausea or dizziness that can derive from the use of games in first person, based on the fast movement of the frame and the identification with the view of the game, which can affect a certain amount of users , sometimes based on the dynamism or speed of the action.

It is evident that Kojima falls within this portion of the public, and this could also tell us something about the productions of the author himself: in such a situation, it will be difficult for Kojima Productions to dedicate himself to games in first person, at this point.

In the meantime, we refer you to the Deathloop review we published yesterday, by Tommaso Valentini, who liked the game Arkane quite a lot.

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