Defending champion Sparta will open the first league season with Olomouc, Slavia against Hradec

Defending champion Sparta will open the first league season with Olomouc, Slavia against Hradec

Defending champion Sparta will start the first league season with Olomouc, Slavia against Hradec

Illustration photo – 11th round of the first football league: Zbrojovka Brno – Sparta Prague, October 8, 2022 in Brno. Sparta fans.

Prague – Defending champions Sparta kick off the new Premier League season on July 22 or 23 at home against Olomouc. Acting vice-champion Slavia will welcome Hradec Králové in the opening round, over whom they failed to win three times in a row in the top competition. Karviná, the only newcomer to the first league, will challenge Zlín at home. The autumn derby of Prague “S” will take place in the 9th round at the end of September at Slavia. It was decided by today's draw in Prague at the league board of clubs.

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The autumn part will have 19 rounds and will end on Sunday, December 17. The spring phase will start on February 10th and the main part will culminate on the 30th around April 27th or 28th. This will be followed by a five-round extra stage.

Immediately after the Prague derby, Sparta will welcome Letné Plzeň to Letné Plzeň in the last weekend of September. In the autumn, the West Bohemians will play both duels with “S” Prague away, they will play Slavia in the 14th round on November 4 or 5.

Jablonec, due to the extensive reconstruction of the lawn, the first three rounds await outside. Hradec Králové will play at the opponent's field twice in a row at the beginning of the season due to the completion of work on the new stadium. On the other hand, Pardubice and Mladá Boleslav will play at home in the first two rounds.

The six best teams after the regular season will play in the extension group for the title, the six worst in the survival group, and four teams will be in the middle group. Its winner will compete with the fourth or fifth team of the group for the title in the qualifying match for the remaining fifth place in the European Cups. Just like in previous seasons, only the worst team in the competition will be relegated, the 14th and 15th teams will face a play-off.

The extension part has already been played four times, but the League Football Association (LFA), which manages professional competitions in the Czech Republic, has not yet officially evaluated it. “The topic of the superstructure was not on the agenda today. We are preparing some evaluation of the superstructure at the level of the league committee, primarily for the league committee, and further steps will follow from this,” LFA chairman Dušan Svoboda said at the press conference.

Same as in last season, one league round should be evenly divided into two playing days, there should always be four matches on Saturday and Sunday. Three of them should be played at the same time in the afternoon, and the main draw in the early evening.

The draw was again made according to the so-called Fronček tables. They can take into account that teams from individual regions do not compete with each other in home matches, but also unsuitable climatic conditions.

Programme of the 1st round:

Pardubice – Bohemians Praha 1905, Mladá Boleslav – Jablonec , Sparta Prague – Olomouc, Karviná – Zlín, Teplice – Pilsen, Liberec – Ostrava, Slavia Prague – Hradec Králové, Slovácko – České Budějovice.