Demolition has begun in the Radimské mill complex in Kolín, over 250 apartments will be built there

Demolition has begun in the Radimské mill complex in Kolín, over 250 apartments will be built there

Demolitions have begun on the site of the Radimsk mill in Cologne, construction of over 250 apartments there

Demolition has begun in Kolín in the area of ​​the Radimského mlýn near Labe, where the investor plans to build apartment buildings with more than 250 apartments. Image from February 16, 2023.

Kolín – In the coming years, builders should build apartment buildings with more than 250 apartments in the Radimské mill near Labe area in Kolín. Real-Treuhand Realty & Development bought the dilapidated site last fall. The historic building also known in Kolín as the Podskalský mlýn wants to be partially reconstructed. Demolition work began this week, the construction of apartments in the first stage is expected from May, said ČTK on behalf of owner Pavla Maříková.

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“On the basis of the issued building permit, there will be over 250 apartments with various layouts, new spaces for cafes or restaurants, for example, and part of the project is also the reconstruction and expansion of the bike path with a promenade and pier, which will be available to all residents of Kolín,” said Maříková.

The investor cooperated with the city management in the preparation of the project from the beginning. “The result is maximum respect for the historical legacy of the mill's industrial area, the intentional disorganization of the overall urbanism, the perpendicular orientation to the river, which reflects the permeability of the area and the possible growth of greenery, the terrace-like solution of the houses and other aspects of the project. I consider the intention and the project to be a very high-quality work of the studio,” city ​​architect David Mateásko told ČTK.

According to mayor Michael Kašpar (Změna pro Kolín), the city changed the zoning plan some time ago, originally it was only possible to build family houses in the locality. “We wanted the place to remain open to the public, no fenced area with several family houses, so the change to apartment buildings was necessary,” Kašpar said. According to him, the city had other conditions that the investor respected. “For example, the extension of the bike path or the placement of most parking spaces underground,” added the mayor.

The Podskalský mill on the so-called Zálab side of the Elbe, also called Radimský after one of the owners since the mid-19th century, was established at the end of the 13th century. century. The complex burned down several times and was rebuilt. It served as a mill, but also for other economic activities. In 1948, it was nationalized and passed under the national enterprise Středočeská mlyny. After 1989, the descendants of the last owners acquired it in restitution.