Deputies could start a debate on the restoration of lustration certificates for ministers

Deputies could start a debate on the restoration of lustration certificates for ministers


Meeting of the Chamber of Deputies – illustrative photo.

Prague – Deputies could start discussing a government amendment today, according to which members of the government and their deputies would once again have to provide proof of a clean lustration certificate before being appointed to a position. There is also a draft in the initial round that will allow medical facilities to be reimbursed for last year's loss of income due to covid-19. The House of Representatives could also start dealing with the electoral reform proposal. The meeting of the lower house will start in the afternoon.

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The trio of electoral amendments, including the amendment to the constitution, envisages, among other things, the introduction of one-day elections instead of the current two-day ones. The cabinet also proposed setting a fixed date for senate, municipal and regional elections, changing the boundaries of senate constituencies less frequently and issuing voter cards more affordable for people who cannot vote at their place of permanent residence.

The lustration certificate confirms to the holder, that in the past he was not a member or a registered collaborator of the former communist State Security. The so-called lustration law previously applied to members of the government, but the obligation disappeared after the adoption of the civil service law. Lustrace attracted attention during the appointment of the former government of ČSSD, ANO and KDU-ČSL. The chairman of the ANO movement and then Minister of Finance Andrej Babiš did not submit a lustration certificate.

The proposal on compensation to medical facilities for revenue shortfalls would enable the Ministry of Health to issue a so-called compensation decree, just like in 2020 and 2021. However, the care provided could also be agreed with health insurance companies in other ways. If the losses of medical facilities were only small, the ministry would not have to use the authority to issue the decree.