Deputies should continue to deal with teacher salaries

Deputies should continue to deal with teacher salaries

MPs should deal with teacher salaries

The teacher in the class. Illustrative photo.

Prague – Today, MPs should continue discussing the bill on the legal anchoring of the amount of money for teacher salaries. In the second reading, there is also, for example, an amendment to the Act on the Protection of Employees in the Event of Employer Insolvency and a change in the conditions for entitlement to cheaper calls for poorer residents. Deputies also face regular interpellations against members of the government.

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The amendment on teaching staff is supposed to lead to the fulfillment of the government's promise that the average teacher salary will be around 130 percent of the national average salary. The draft also introduces the position of an accompanying teacher to increase the quality of pedagogical practices and a system of introducing teachers who would support beginning colleagues for two years. In addition, university students could teach for a limited period of three years at the second level of elementary schools and at secondary schools even without a teacher's education.

The proposed amendments to the rules for paying wages to employees for insolvent companies mainly reflect changes in insolvency law. For example, an insolvency petition should not be sufficient for a request to provide money to employees, but a notice of initiation of insolvency proceedings should be decisive.

The proposal on electronic communications links the right to a discount from the tariff of telecommunications operators to receive a living allowance . It would no longer be enough for people to prove their low income with an affidavit.