Designer Elena Zelensky Frolov began to sew protective clothing for medics

Дизайнер Елены Зеленской Frolov начал шить защитные костюмы для медиков

Ukrainian designers joined the charity initiative and began to sew protective clothing for doctors. After Svetlana Bewsey it took Ivan Frolov, a well-known collaboration with first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelensky.

Network Ivan Frolov said that his team still was quarantined, however, a charitable initiative encouraged them to return to work. Just one day designer and his assistants sewed 51 protective suit for doctors. To increase the volume, Ivan Frolov appealed to the partners of its brand Frolov.

“Today, we dumped 51 protective suit, manually crushed more than a hundred, has developed additional men’s universal size. Of course, medical needs far exceed our capabilities, so we enlisted the support of our partners who usually help us in replicating collections to stores around the world,” he said.

According to Ivan Frolov, during work all I followed the advice of the who during the quarantine. The designer and his staff worked in protective masks, used antiseptics and kept my distance. However, for one shot command Frolov United, than touched the net.

For reference. Ivan Frolov actively cooperates with Ukrainian stars and Elena Zelensky. He sewed the attire of the first lady of Ukraine for internachi Emperor of Japan, Naruhito. Its brand Frolov is popular not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

The first Ukrainian designer, who began producing protective clothing during a pandemic, was Svetlana Bevza. It inspired Ivan Frolov to participate in a kind of charity project, which aims to help physicians.

The Ukrainians – not the only one who helps the doctors in the world. Many Hollywood stars gave funds to charities which Finance the development of a vaccine against coronavirus and help the infected. But representatives of Hollywood who worked on creating series about doctors, gave all the equipment in the hospitals. Hundreds of masks, latex gloves, protective clothing, droppers went to clinics in Los Angeles.

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