Detective stories, fantasy and humor are now competing for the Magnesia Litera award

Detective stories, fantasy and humor are now competing for the Magnesia Litera award

>> Joint photo of nominated authors and moderators at the press conference to announce the nominations for the Magnesia Litera literary awards. March 8, 2023, Prague.

Prague – Thirty-three book titles received nominations in the Magnesia Litera competition, among them nominations in three new genre categories. The winners of Letters for detective fiction, Letters for fiction and Letters for humorous book will be announced on April 16 in the Václav Havel Library, while the main ceremony will traditionally take place on the New Stage of the National Theater on the evening of April 17 with a live broadcast on CT. The organizers published the nominations.

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A new competition for the Magnesia Litera award: detective stories, fantasy and humor

Detectives, fantasy and humor compete for the Magnesia Litera prize

Detectives, fantasy and humor compete for the Magnesia Litera prize

Detectives, fantasy and humor compete for the Magnesia Litera prize

According to Pavel Mandys from the organizing association Litera, the new categories could belong to prose, yet the organizers decided to introduce genre categories. “Part of the audience complained that they couldn't see the books they read in the competition, that there were only challenging titles,” Mandys told reporters today, explaining the reason for introducing the new categories.

The organizers also halved the number of books nominated in the most watched category, i.e. Letters for Prose, which now also only has three nominated titles. This year, Anna Bolavé's book Narrator, Magdaléna Platzová's novel Life after Kafka and Viktor Špaček's short story collection Clean, Modest Life are competing for the prize.

In the new detective category, Jana Jašová with the psychological thriller Znič to namje, František Šmehlík and his Nordic-themed detective story Šelma, and police officer David Urban with the detective thriller Game of Survival are nominated. Eva Grestenbergerová with the title On the wild countryside, Martin Mach Ondřej and Lela Geislerová for the collection of comic mini-stories Zen žen and the author working under the pseudonym Vladimír Nezdvořák with his book Pozdní sběr are nominated for the humor book prize.

The organizers announced today nominations in the categories of poetry, book for children and youth, non-fiction, publishing act, translation, journalism and debut of the year. In the last-mentioned category, Patrik Banga has been nominated for the title The Real Way Out, according to the organizers, this is the first nomination of a Roma author in the history of the award.

This year, the organizers are introducing an honorary award for personalities whose work is not directly connected with publishing books – it is called the Magnesia Award for contribution to book culture. The award will not have a jury or nominations, candidates for them will be proposed by members of the Litera association, who will also choose its holder.

Animated trailers of all nominated books in nine mini-shows will be broadcast by Czech Television daily from April 8 to 16 at approximately 8:00 p.m. Spots will also be available on the website Nominated authors will read from their books in the Václav Havel Library on March 22 and 29 and April 5 and 12 respectively.

The main purpose of the Magnesia Litera awards is to promote quality books. This is reflected in the sales of the winning titles, which often multiply after the winners are announced. Pavel Klusák's book Gott. The Czechoslovak Story, which last year won the main prize and the prize in the Litera category for journalism, exceeded the ten thousand bestseller mark. After approximately 8,000 copies were sold from publication to the announcement of the nominations, another approximately 8,000 copies were sold, totaling 16,000 copies.

Nominations for the 2023 Magnesia Litera Awards:

Litera for Prose< /h4>

Anna Bolavá: Narrator (Odeon/EMG)

Magdaléna Platzová: Life after Kafka (Argo)

Viktor Špaček: Pure, modest life (Guest)

A letter for poetry

Miloš Doležal: Jana will soon be picking linden flowers (Revolver Revue)

Petr Hruška: I saw my face (Guest) Alžběta Stančáková: Čačak (Viriditas)

Lita for a book for children and youth

Bára Dočkalová: Battle of diamond (Labyrinth)

František Tichý: Recruit 244 (Baobab)

Jana Šrámková: Fánek hvědzoplavec (Běžíliška)

Liter for educational literature


Tereza Matějčková: Who was talking about victory here (Karolinum)

Vladimír Papoušek et al.: Choir and dissonance (Akropolis/FF JU)

Simona Binková, Marie Fiřtová, Jitka Škopová (eds.): They brought the world home (UMPRUM)

Liter for publishing act

Architecture 58-89 (BiggBoss )

Karel Teige: Diaries 1912-1925 (Akropolis/FF UK/PNP)

Jan Zábrana: Writings (Torst)

Letter after translation book

Damon Galgut: The Promise (Translated by Jiří Hanuš, Odeon/EMG)

Undine Radzevičiute: Ryby a draci (Translated by Vítězslav Mikeš, Vetrné mýny)


Stuart Douglas: Shuggie Bain (Translated by Lenka Sobotová, Paseka)

Letter for journalism

Jan Fingerland: Hebrejky (Nakladatelství Pražské příběhy)

Eduard Freisler: Venezuela. The Decay of Paradise (N media)

Martin Rychlík: History of People (Academia)

DILIA Litera for Debut of the Year

Patrik Banga: The real way out (Guest)

Petr Brož: Spaceman (DOBROVSKÝ)

Anna Sedlmajerová: Bizarrum multiflorum (Windmills)

Liter for a detective story< /strong>

Jana Jašová: Destroy the name (Motto/AM)

František Šmehlík: The Beast (Argo)

David Urban: Game of Survival (Kalibr /EMG)

Letter for fantasy

Roman Bílek, Kristina Haidingerová (eds.): Bizarropolis (Carcosa)

Vilma Kadlečková : Mycelium VII: Program of the Apocalypse (Argo)

Tomáš Němec: Life of a Warrior (Mystery Press)

Liter for a humorous book

Eva Grestenbergerová: In the Wild Country (Argo)

Martin Mach Ondřej, Lela Geislerová: Zen of Women (Labyrinth/Paseka)

Vladimír Nezdvořák: Late Harvest (GLYF Media)