Development Plan, without a civil society view – Explica .co

Development Plan, without a civil society view – Explica .co

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Development Plan, without a civil society view – Explica .co

Development Plan, without a civil society view – Explica .co

MEXICO CITY. Civil society organizations announced that they have not been publicly summoned to discuss the General Development Plan 2020-2040. This, in order to comply with the provisions of the local Constitution, which indicates that this plan must be prepared by the Planning Institute with the participation of civil society.

The organic law of the Planning Institute establishes that it must issue a public call for citizen participation in the stages of formulating the plan, but we have not seen the guidelines for citizen participation anywhere. We have talked with Community Participation Commissions (Copacos) from different areas of the city and with original towns and neighborhoods, and the institute has not contacted them, “he told Excelsior Josefina MacGregor, president of Suma Urbana.

The only call made by the Institute of Democratic and Prospective Planning of Mexico City has been through its social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook), on June 23, where it indicates that a public consultation will soon be held. to participate in the construction of said plan.

In its article 15, the Organic Law of the Democratic Planning Institute establishes that the Institute will have a Specialized Office for Public Consultation and Social Participation which “will issue a public call for citizen participation in the stages of formulation, updating or modification of the different projects of general planning instruments ”. However, according to MacGregor, as of yesterday this had not happened.

The General Development Plan It is fundamental for the city, since the Constitution established that “its objective will be social cohesion, sustainable development, improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants, territorial balance and economic transformation. (To him) the plans, programs, policies and public projects will be subject ”.

In addition, social organizations point out that the document that is online to be consulted and discussed was prepared by the local Executive, not by the Institute as established by the Constitution of Mexico City.

They tried to meet the deadline that the General Development Plan should be ready in 2020, but obviously that is illegal because it does not have a date and the document was not created by the Development Planning Institute, as established in the Constitution of the City of Mexico, ”said Mónica Tapia, director of Ruta Cívica, who added that the Executive Branch was the one who placed a draft of the plan on the Plaza Pública website, which was also delivered to Congress by Secretary José Alfonso Suárez del Real on 1 October 2020.

I believe that (the Public Square document) is only a base, it is not the definitive General Development Plan, it is a base document to be consulted. What I would recommend is that the Participation Office of the Planning Institute coordinate with the Sepi (Secretariat of Indigenous Peoples and Neighborhoods) to organize consultation forums, in coordination with the mayors ”, said the president of the Commission. of Public Administration and deputy for Morena, Guadalupe Chavira.


Mónica Tapia, from Ruta Cívica, explained that civil associations are concerned that this draft is the final one, since recently a department of the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection approached her association to answer a survey where a of the questions was which axis of the General Development Plan was the most important. They replied that there can be no axes because the plan has neither been discussed nor approved.

It gives me to understand that they are already aligning everything to the General Development Plan without having approved it and it gives me the impression that it is more of a government program than a general plan and that the central government is seeing the Planning Institute as an office agency, and they are not looking at the plan for 20 years, but for six, according to what the head of government wants to do, ”Tapia accused.

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