Diab calls on the world to save Lebanon from “disappearance”

Diab calls on the world to save Lebanon from “disappearance”

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Diab calls on the world to save Lebanon from “disappearance”

Hassan Diab said: “I call on the world to save Lebanon, and I call on the Lebanese people not to be held accountable for the crimes of the corrupt.”

Diab stressed that Lebanon is a few days away from what he described as a “social explosion”, calling on the United Nations to help save the Lebanese from death and prevent the demise of Lebanon, as he put it.

Diab said that all the measures taken by his government succeeded in delaying this “explosion”, but the “great collapse” would not be stopped by the government in light of the siege imposed on the country.

The caretaker prime minister added in front of a delegation of diplomatic missions that the great collision would not be limited to the Lebanese only, but would also include the Arab refugees.

“With about a million and a half Syrian refugees, and hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees, it will be difficult to predict the future of the collapse in Lebanon,” Diab said.

“The world cannot punish the Lebanese or turn its back on Lebanon, because continuing with this policy will lead to dangerous repercussions that get out of control,” he added.

Diab stressed that the Lebanese have endured and been patient, but their patience is starting to run out, with the intensification of crises, and that linking Lebanon’s aid to forming a government poses a real danger to the lives of the Lebanese.

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