Diamond League, Duplantis and Thompson fly to Paris: 6.01 and 10 ”72

Diamond League, Duplantis and Thompson fly to Paris: 6.01 and 10 ”72

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Diamond League, Duplantis and Thompson fly to Paris: 6.01 and 10 ”72

The Swede, in the auction, tries in vain even the 6.19 of the world record, the Jamaican in the 100 signing another great performance. Azzurri: Desalu is growing, hedges are doing well, Bocchi and Battocletti are tired, Vallortigara 1.92

Andrea Buongiovanni

& commat; abuongi

August 28
– Milan

Mondo Duplantis and Elaine Thompson: they are the protagonists of the Paris meeting, tenth stage of the 2021 Diamond League (21-22 degrees and cloudy sky). The Swede, in the auction, in front of the approximately 15,000 spectators of the Charlety stadium, in the city where in less than three years he will be called to defend his Olympic title, returns to fly over six meters (6.01), only to try in vain 6.19 of the world record. The Filipino Obiena, with 5.91, signs the national record and is second. The Jamaican, in the 100, is imposed in 10 ”72 (+1.3), trimming 25/100 to the placed, the compatriot Shericka Jackson. Shelly-Ann Fraser is missing (the only one in 2021 capable of a time trial of less than 10 “72) and the Caribbean country is missing the now traditional hat-trick: Natasha Morrison, with 11” 09, is fourth at 3/100 behind the British Dina Asher -Smith. For Thompson – who has a bit more action than usual, even though her feet are always wonderfully pushing – it’s the sixth time in the season under 10 ”80. His best ten performance average now is 10 ”679. None in history boasts a lower one.

Kerley and Bednarek

From female to male speed, cheers to Fred Kerley. The 26-year-old American, bronze on 400 at the Doha 2019 World Championships and silver on 100 at the Tokyo 2021 Games behind Marcell Jacobs, wins the 200 in 19 “79 (+1.6), personal improved by 11 hundredths of a second after two months, ahead of compatriot Kenneth Bednarek by 5 thousandths, vice Olympic champion of the specialty, accredited at the same time. Kerley thus strengthens its position in a very exclusive club, that of those who raced 100, 200 and 400 under 10 “00 (boasts 9” 84), 20 “00 and 44” 00 (43 “64). The only others admitted are the South African Wayde Van Niekerk (9 “94, 19” 84 and 43 “03) and the American Michael Norman 89” 86, 19 “70 and 43” 45). Also for Bednarek there is a significant milestone reached: he is the first man in history to drop ten times below 20 ”00 with regular wind in the course of a season (from 19” 68 to 19 ”99).


Many other noteworthy results. In the 800s, the less tired wins, the Kenyan Wyclife Kinyamal (1’43 ”94), who hadn’t competed since 14 July. The Jamaican Hansle Parchment, in the 110 obstacles, legitimizes the gold of the Games with the seasonal staff: 13 ”03 (+0.7). In the 3000 steeplechase the Kenyans make a hat-trick, with Benjamin Kigen, capable of the best seasonal world performance (8’07 ”12), ahead of Abraham Kibiwot 88’09” 35) and Leonard Bett (8’10 ”21). Another retreat for Conseslus Kipruto and a ruinous fall from the unclear dynamics, on the first barrier after about 200 meters from the start, by the Moroccan Olympian Soufiane El Bakkali, with a deep cut to the right thigh.


In the women’s field there was expectation for the 400, especially for the presence of Allyson Felix, the most medalist woman ever at the Games and at the World Cup. Dominating, as in Lausanne, with 50 ”12, at the fourteenth exit on the distance of 2021, is the Dominican Paulino, silver in Tokyo. Behind him Sada Williams, standard bearer from Barbados (50 ”30) and the American (50” 47) who, unlike usual, has a very aggressive first part of the race, only to give way a little in the end. Curiosity from Nottingham, where the 19-year-old British Keely Hodgkinson, vice Olympian of the 800, practically at the same time, brings the staff from 53 ”73 to 52” 61. Another best world time trial in 2021 comes from 3000, thanks to the Burundian Francine Niyonsaba (intersex athlete) who, with 8’19 “08, resists the return attempt of the Ethiopian Ejgayehu Taye (8’19” 52, national record) and becomes the fifth ever, the only non-Chinese after the Dutch Sifan Hassan. Olympic silver over 800 in Rio 2016 and fifth over 10,000 in Tokyo, she is ready to further extend the range, even up to the half marathon. In the record, with 66.08, 44th success in the Diamond League of the Croatian Sandra Perkovic.


Improves Fausto Desalu who, in the 200, still forced in the first lane, is 7th with 20 ”41 (+1.6), with an improvement of 15/100 compared to what he achieved on Thursday in Lausanne. Osama Zoghlami did well in the 3000 steeplechase, 7th with 8’17 “24, Ahmed Abdelwahed, 8th with 8’19” 14 (second blue after Zane Weir in the weight to gain access to the final in Zurich) and Ala Zoghlami, hare luxury up to 2000 (5’25 ”97). Tobia Bocchi, in the triple, is 7th with 16.53 (+0.2): Hugues Zango wins (16.97 / + 1.7), even if the best jump of the day is from the Algerian Triki (17.16 / + 1.7). Nadia Battocletti, in the 3000, travels at an important pace until around 2000, then gives in to the fatigue of an endless season and closes thirteenth in 8’58 ”12. Finally Elena Vallortigara, seventh with 1.92 in the high of the Australian Nicola McDermott (the same 1.98 of Mariya Lasitskene).

August 28 – 7:11 pm