Diamond League, Lausanne gives 100 stellar meters: Fraser burns Thompson

Diamond League, Lausanne gives 100 stellar meters: Fraser burns Thompson

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Diamond League, Lausanne gives 100 stellar meters: Fraser burns Thompson

Jamaican protagonists in a memorable race: never a 10 “64 had not guaranteed victory

It is the sprint of Shelly-Ann Fraser to light up the night of the meeting in Lausanne, the first European leg after the Games of the Diamond League 2021. The 34-year-old Jamaican, on the 100th, flies in 10 ”60. And what the wind gives her, which blows in favor at +1.7 meters per second, takes away the thermometer: that air is freezing and it does not go beyond 17 degrees.

What a challenge

For the Olympic champion of the specialty in Beijing 2008 and London 2012 – before the same “back to back” of her compatriot Elaine Thompson between Rio 2016 and Beijing 2021 – with a personal improvement of 3/100, this is the third world performance at the -time, just 11/100 from the world record of the American Florence Griffith Joyner in 1988 and 6 from the time trial by Thompson on Saturday in Eugene. Women’s world speed is experiencing a revolution. The defeat of the day is precisely Elaine, second in 10 ”64. Never had such a time been enough to win. And never two women, in the same race, had run under 10 ”70. As in Japan and as in Eugene it is a Jamaican hat-trick: Shericka Jackson scores 10 ”92. And to speak of the depth of the cast: the sixth, the Swiss Del Ponte, writes 10 ”97. Saturday, for all, a new replica in Paris.

The others

The other high point of the evening comes from the triple platform: Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas, world record holder in Tokyo with 15.67, lands at a windy 15.56 (+3.5) and a regular 15.52 (+0.6). Inimitable. Ingebrigtsen win in the 3000 with 7’33 ”06 (but Mourhit’s European record remains at almost six seconds), Crouser in weight with 22.81 (24th consecutive success) and Lasitskene in the high (1.98). Steccano Warholm in the 400 floors (45 ”57) and Duplantis in the auction (5.62), both fourth.

The blues

The best Italian is Zane Weir who, after the great fifth Olympic place, is sixth with a convincing 21.20 (on the first attempt), just 17 centimeters from the third. Fausto Desalu, on his debut as a champion in five circles (third fractionist of the 4×100), in the first lane in the 200, runs a good curve, but pays the final, stiffening and finishing seventh in 20 “56 (+3.2). Gaia Sabbatini comes to terms with the many close commitments and in 1500 she is ninth in 4’10 ”61.

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