Died a Jew Eva KOR, a survivor of torture “angel of death” Mengele in Auschwitz

Умерла еврейка Ева Кор, пережившая пытки “Ангела смерти” Менгеле в Освенциме

Eva KOR (Eva Kor), who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, where was subjected to torture doctor Josef Mengele nicknamed the “angel of Death”, has died at the age of 85 years.

Eva KOR survived the Holocaust and continued to call for forgiveness of the Nazi criminals, conducting tours of the Auschwitz camp, She opened a small Holocaust Museum in his home in the United States. She died during one of his annual trips to Poland.

Eva Mozes KOR was born in Romania and was deported with her Jewish family to Auschwitz in 1944. Unlike the rest of her family, she and her twin sister Miriam survived, though subjected to torture Josef Mengele, who conducted cruel tests in the concentration camp. He was particularly interested in twins.

“Three times a week we went to the lab for blood tests. There, we were introduced microorganisms and chemicals, and they took us a lot of blood,” – said Eva Corv 2001. After one of the experiments she had a fever for 2 weeks, but she managed to recover.

Sisters was released shortly before his 11th birthday and went to Israel where Eva later married an American and moved to Terre Haute, Indiana. In 1985, she founded the Museum and education Center of the Holocaust.

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