Direct |  Real Zaragoza – FC Cartagena

Direct | Real Zaragoza – FC Cartagena

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Direct |  Real Zaragoza – FC Cartagena


5′. Zaragoza warns with two centers from set pieces, but clears the Albinegra rear with solvency in two attempts.


2′. Cayarga sees the first yellow card of the game for stopping one against the team.


1′. first possession for FC Cartagena, who today wears the elastic of the maritime province.


Ball in play at La Romareda!


Players take to the pitch This is about to begin!


For its part, Juan Ignacio Martínez’s Real Zaragoza goes with: Álvarez in goal, F. Gámez, Lluis López, Jair Jr., Chavarria, Bermejo, Eguaras, Zapater, James I., Álvaro G. and Narváez. As substitutes: to. Ratón, Acín, Petrovic, Clemente, Adrián, Javi Ros, Nieto, Nano M., Borja Sainz, Puche and Ángel.


Luis Carrión has chosen today for: Marc Martínez in goal, Delmás, Andújar, Alcalá, Alberto De la Bella, Tejera, Bodiger, Clavería Cayarga, Álex Gallar and Rubén Castro, as substitutes: Pablo Vázquez, Ortuño, Gastón Silva, Boateng, Kawaya , Prior, David Simón, Antoñito, Neskes, Edu Martínez and Uri.


We are going with the confirmed lineups by both teams.


Those of Carrión will have to do it without Antonio Luna, who is low because he was dragging some small physical annoyances since Friday.


After losing to Almería and Huesca, the Albinegro team landed at La Romareda with a clear idea in mind: add points in the locker and improve feelings for a season that has only just begun.


Good evening and welcome to the live narration of the match between Real Zaragoza and FC Cartagena, corresponding to the third day of LaLiga Smartbank. The match, which starts at 10 pm, takes place at the La Romareda stadium.

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