Disclosed to the main plot of a new romantic hero of the TV show “the Bachelor”

Finally, became known the name and age of a new hero on the show the Bachelor-10

Раскрыта главная интрига о новом герое романтичного ТВ-шоу «Холостяк»

Telekanal STB continues to acquaint the audience with the ethereal Bachelor-10. The main hero of a romantic reality has become the 34-year-old pilot, owner of the flight school in USA Max Mikhailyuk.

Max is a childhood dream to become a pilot. From a young age worked hard to get education in the best flight school in America. In the 28 years he achieved his goal.

“My father was an air traffic controller. Since childhood, I often went to see him at work, watched planes take off and land, and imagined that one day I’ll rise into the sky at the controls of one of them, says the Bachelor. – You can say that I have realized the dream of his father, because he always believed in me.”

In 2016, Max opened in Miami Flymax aviation school, which trained future pilots. For this, he additionally received a pilot’s license instructor, and his school passed the inspection and certification from the Federal aviation administration of the USA.

Today, behind the Bachelor, more than 4,000 flight hours. He easily manages both small aircraft and large Airliners, trains future pilots and owns the skill of a safe landing, even in difficult mountain airports.

Now Max lives in two countries – America and Ukraine. He has achieved heights in his career, dreamed about, and now wants to find his one, to fly on the wings of love.

For her he is ready to show aerobatics and even get a star from the sky.

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