Disclosure of the name of the witness in the case of Dominik Feri will be resolved by the ÚOOÚ

Disclosure of the name of the witness in the case of Dominik Feri will be resolved by the ÚOOÚ

The revealed name of the witness in the case of Dominik Feri will be called ÚOO&Uacute ;

Illustrative photo – The court has started hearing the case of former TOP 09 MP Dominik Feri, who is charged with two counts of rape and one attempted rape. February 14, 2023, Prague.

Prague – The disclosure of the name of the witness in the case of former MP Dominik Feri, who is facing charges of rape, will be dealt with by the Office for the Protection of Personal Data (ÚOOÚ). The police evaluated it as a misdemeanor. ČTK was informed by their spokesman Jan Daněk today. Feri repeatedly named one of the women whose case was investigated by the police and later postponed in front of journalists in the court corridor in February.

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Danek did not confirm that the police investigated Feri directly for this matter, but it is clear from the circumstances. “According to the law, I cannot comment on a specific person. However, I can say that the police evaluated the situation that took place at the district court for Prague 3 on February 14 this year as an act that has signs of an offense and reported the matter to the Office for Personal Data Protection ,” ČTK reported.

Adéla Hořejší, the legal representative of the victims, criticized Feri for appointing the girl. According to her, it is intimidation. The Criminal Code further prohibits the provision of information from law enforcement authorities that enable the identification of the accused, victim, involved person or witness.

“I consider it necessary to make it clear to all journalists that the 'shower' and the 'bedside table', which is what some journalists have repeated as an eternal hit, that it is not part of the main story, that it is not something that was further addressed and that it was something that happened consensually,” Feri told reporters on February 16 about why he released the name. He later added that he acted under pressure and emotions. “Certainly I could have spoken more happily, but I stand by that in this particular case, the fact that I published the name is not a victim. It was completely consensual,” he said. He also criticized some media.

The spokesman of the ÚOOÚ Milan Řepka previously told ČTK in general terms that the publication of sensitive data from criminal proceedings may result in a fine of up to five million crowns.

State Attorney Petra In the indictment of Feri, Gřivnová describes three acts of rape or attempted rape. Feri denied guilt in all cases. The main trial will continue at the end of April.

After the girls' statements were published in the media, Feri resigned from his parliamentary mandate and announced that he would not run in the elections to the House of Representatives in autumn 2021. He also finished in TOP 09 and withdrew from public of life.