Discussing partner brad pitt at the Oscars who looked like his mother

On the 92-th ceremony “Oscar” 56-year-old brad pitt appeared with a mysterious blonde. Many fans felt that the companion of the actor was his mother. It turned out that it is not.

В Сети обсуждают спутницу Брэда Питта на «Оскаре», которая выглядела как его мать

In the theater “Dolby” brad pitt appeared not alone. Many were waiting to see him next to Jennifer aniston, which Hollywood actor resumed contact, but Jen didn’t even show up, and its place was taken by another person. The cameras captured Pitta with unknown to the public woman. Age it suited his mother.

“Too old for girlfriends”, — giggling in the Network. It’s not a girlfriend! Companion brad was his Manager Cynthia Pett Dante.

Brad pitt’s fans still hope for his reunion with Jennifer aniston. In late January, the former spouses met at the presentation of the SAG Awards in Los Angeles. The stars are not just exchanged a few words, but also gently hugged each other. Such a meeting immediately raised a wave of Internet — Internet users believe, in the history of pitt and aniston have not set point.

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