Disney Plus, “I love shopping”: plot and cast

Disney Plus, “I love shopping”: plot and cast

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Disney Plus, “I love shopping”: plot and cast

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I Love Shopping will be available in the Disney Plus catalog starting July 16, 2021. Although PJ Hogan’s feature film is long-standing, anyone can claim to be fond of this film and that a second viewing can only please. Let’s see the plot and the cast together.

From Friday 16 July 2021 will be available on Disney Plus the feature film I Love Shopping, 2009 film directed by PJHogan and inspired by the novels of Shopie Kinsella titled “I Love Shopping” and “I Love Shopping in New York”.

Although the novels were set in London, the events shot in the film are set in New York, in such a way as to allow the American public to have a greater connection with the story and the characters, but also to reconnect to the success of Sex and the City.

I Love Shopping: the plot

Disney Plus, “I love shopping”: plot and cast

Rebecca Bloomwood, nicknamed Becky, is a girl who is irresponsible and obsessed with shopping, so much so that she has amassed an amount of debts equal to 17 thousand dollars.

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His dream has always been to write for the fashion magazine “Fins“, But ends up working on the business magazine”Make your fortune by saving”Of which the editor-in-chief is Luke Brandon, which the girl ends up falling in love with.

Meanwhile Becky is unable to pay off her debts and is backed up by her best friend Suze he tries to make excuses all the time, but the time will come that he will have to deal with Derek Smeath, the tax collector who will expose yours lies.

Actors and characters

Disney Plus, “I love shopping”: plot and cast

The protagonist Rebecca Bloomwood is interpreted by Isla Fisher, while the chief editor of the business magazine Luke Brandon is played by Hugh Dancy.

Krysten Ritter plays the role of Suze, Becky’s best friend, while Robert Stanton plays the role of Derek Smeath, the tax collector.

In the cast we also find:

  • Joan Cusack in the role of Jane Bloomwood
  • John Goodman in the role of Graham Bloomwood
  • Kristin Scott Thomas in the role of Fins Naylor
  • John Lithgow in the role of Edgar West
  • Fred Armisen in the role of Ryan Koenig
  • Leslie Bibb in the role of Alicia Billington
  • Julie Hagerty in the role of Hayley

Disney Plus, “I love shopping”: plot and cast