Distance runner Juška was fifth at the HME, six centimeters from a medal

Distance runner Juška was fifth at the HME, six centimeters from a medal

Doctor Juš was on the HME five, six centimeters from medals

European Indoor Athletics Championships in Istanbul, men's all-around, 60m hurdles, March 5, 2023. Kevin Mayer of France in the middle, Hans-Christian Hausenberg of Estonia on the left and Ondřej Kopecký of the Czech Republic on the right.

Istanbul – Distance runner Radek Juška was six centimeters away from a medal at the European Indoor Championships. He threw his season-best 794 centimeters to take fifth place. The third indoor European title in a row was won by Olympic champion Miltiadis Tentoglu from Greece, who jumped 830 centimeters on his first attempt.

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Eight years after silver at HME in Prague, Juška attacked another valuable metal in Istanbul. Behind Tentoglu and Swede Thobias Montler, who reached 819 centimeters, there was a battle for bronze. The experienced Czech representative, who competed in the championship thanks to the association's wild card, had the upper hand in the beginning. He reached third place in the second series thanks to 785 centimeters, and in the fourth he improved by nine centimeters.

However, Romanian Gabriel Bitan pushed him out of the medal position in the fifth series with an eight-meter jump, and then Bulgarian Božidar Sarabojukov (797) got in front of him. Juška was attacking, but the long final attempt was misplaced. “It's a shame, it was close. But I can't be dissatisfied with the fact that I didn't even know if I was going to jump half a pole,” Juška told Czech Television.

He struggled with back problems in the winter. “It stopped me twice in preparation. I'm missing two months of training. You could tell. We did everything to make sure I bounced and bounced well. I think I made a nice point,” praised Josef Karas' ward.

< p>Vícebojář Ondřej Kopecký also fell short of his potential in the hurdles, with a performance of 8.15, he placed seventh in this discipline and continuously maintained eighth position. Also in the pole vault, Kopecký tried in vain to reach the season's maximum of five meters. He registered 480 centimeters, but thanks to a setback and injuries to two opponents, he moved to sixth position before the final kilometer. He has 4977 points.

European record holder Kévin Mayer is aiming for the indoor European title. Already after winning the hurdles, thanks to a time of 7.76, he returned to the lead ahead of twenty-year-old Nor Sander Skotheim. He consolidated his leadership in the pole, which he won with a performance of 530 centimeters. The star Frenchman continuously collected 5521 points and built up a lead of 101 points over Skotheim.

Results of the European Indoor Championships in Athletics



Distance: 1. Tentoglu (Greece) 830, 2. Montler (Sweden) 819, 3. Bitan (Romania) 800, ..5. Juška (ČR) 794.

Heptathlon (after 6 disciplines): 1. Mayer 5521 (60m: 6.85 – distance: 741 – ball: 15.81 – height: 198 – 60m forward: 7.76 – pole: 530), 2. Skotheim (Nor.) 5420 (7.05 – 760 – 14.09 – 219 – 8.05 – 500), 3. Eitel (German) 5222 (6.81 – 719 – 15.27 – 201 – 8.15 – 480), … 6. Kopecký (ČR) 4977 (7.09 – 736 – 13.57 – 192 – 8.15 – 480).


Height: 1. Mahučichová (Ukraine) 198, 2. Weermanová (Netherlands) 196, 3. Tabašnyková (Ukraine) 194.