District 9 and Elysium director working on multiplayer game with Crytek and Ubisoft veterans

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District 9 and Elysium director working on multiplayer game with Crytek and Ubisoft veterans

Neill Blomkamp will bring his creative vision to the style and story of this mysterious video game.

Photograph by Neill Blomkamp (Image by Gunzilla Games)

Known for the formidable District 9, director Neill Blomkamp has always been very close to the video game industry, to the point that his great film emerged from the ashes of the Halo film in which the filmmaker was going to work after surprising fans with his fantastic Halo 3 short films. Later he would also take charge of the spectacular Anthem short called Conviction. Why is Neill Blomkamp news today? The director of Elysium has been confirmed to work on a new multiplayer video game along with veterans of Crytek, EA and Ubisoft among other studios.

It is about adding to the aesthetics of the game the cinematographic style of my filmsNeill BlomkampFor now, the name of this new video game that began to be worked on last year is unknown. Those responsible are Gunzilla Games, a team that despite the commitment to multiplayer wants to introduce narrative elements in its competitive action. Magazine IGN It collects statements from the filmmaker and this independent studio, who have long-term plans for this project. “Is about contribute to aesthetics of the game the cinematic style of my previous films, “commented Blomkamp.

District 9 and Elysium director working on multiplayer game with Crytek and Ubisoft veterans

Neill Blomkamp is already working on the sequel to District 9, known as District10.

“The difference from directing a film is that I cannot act as the center of everything that guides the creative team. You have to ensure that you integrate with the team in a real way,” continues the District 9 director. with a very specific point of view, but it has to work on both levels. It has to be accepted by the majority of the team as the right creative direction. And it also has to be, above all else, something that can be integrated into one’s own essence of the video game to be beneficial for that gaming experience. “

I have no experience in video games, but I think I can contribute interesting ideasNeill BlomkampHow does the figure of a movie screenwriter fit into a multiplayer action video game? Blomkamp understands that as soon as players start the game “the narrative takes a back seat”, but it is still important to build a game universe that engages fans. “If you think of something like Elysium, the enormous foresight behind the construction of your universe, I may spend 95% of your time just thinking about designing this world and only 5% is what you see in the movie. “And this seems to be the philosophy behind this mysterious multiplayer game that, even so, will look for ways to transmit its history “by other means” that the players will gradually discover.

He will perform as George R. Martin in the Elden Ring

IGN has asked him if his role is similar to that of George R. Martin at the highly anticipated Elden Ring, because the author of Game of Thrones has dedicated himself to designing the fantasy universe in which the action of the game takes place, and Blomkamp has been very clear: “you are thinking in the right way”. Unfortunately the filmmaker has not wanted to go into more detail about what kind of story we can expect, although he does make it clear that it will not be related to any of his films, although the Science fiction It could be the chosen theme.

Video games will be the dominant form of entertainment culture Neill Blomkamp“I have no experience as a videogame designer, but I have other knowledge that I think can make the game more interesting,” he continues. “And at least I can learn from him and start to grow. The analogy I use is, if you look at the second half of the 20th century, books were on a shelf and people sometimes read a book, but what cinema and television prevailed when it came to defining the culture of the moment “. And now he believes that films and analog formats will be “the books of the new century”, as people seek interactive experiences like video games themselves.

“Video games will become what movies were in the 20th century. They will be the dominant form of entertainment culture and I want to be there.” For that reason, he concludes, if the game is successful, “I hope to be with Gunzilla for a long time.” That said, the platforms on which this multiplayer game will be released are also unknown. Therefore, it only remains to wait for more specific details about this project.

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