Divers found at the bottom of the ocean US warship during the Second world war

Дайверы нашли на дне океана военный корабль США времен Второй мировой войны

This naval ship was wrecked in the Second world war. Divers found it on the bottom of the sea after 75 years.

The ship USS Eagle PE-56 with 49 members on the Board participated in the exercises of the Navy off the coast of Maine when the explosion ripped it in half in April 1945. Only 13 people survived. For 75 years no one knew exactly where the remains of the ship. In June 2018 Osmi team divers working on a documentary for the Smithsonian channel, finally found him about six miles from the shore.

A group of divers spent four years in search of the sunken ship, until I stumbled on it using sonar technology Garry Kozak. The wreckage located at a depth of 250 feet, and a steel hull of a ship starting to rot. Now the place is designated as a war grave “and has all the protections associated with it”, say the divers.

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