Do not promise! As “harmless” habit can ruin lives – esoteric

Carelessly thrown phrase can get seriously to work hard in the future.

Не зарекайся! Как «безобидная» привычка может испортить жизнь - эзотерик

From the position of esotericism of all that man does and says has serious consequences. For example, scientists have studied and proven the destructive effect of the Mat on living organisms at the cellular level.

But with a decent words is not so simple. For example, the esoteric, the relationship between these “harmless” vows and the subsequent events in life.

“A vow is approved the law, which takes effect immediately after completion. Life is perceived as a challenge – “try me!”. Then the program starts check this vow through the events of life, where you will defend it”, – says esoteric Arkady Yevtushenko.

Не зарекайся! Как «безобидная» привычка может испортить жизнь - эзотерик

And events are not the most pleasant. For example “I never drink!” most likely will result in difficulties in life, which will make it cling to the bottle, I’m sure esoteric.

But by itself a sober lifestyle is good and right, the problem in this situation only creates a tough plant that launches the relevant laws of life.

With regard to the same situation with alcohol esotericism is recommended to speak softer and even with humor – the phrase “I want” or “doctors do not suggest” is fine to not run a destructive program that can spoil life.

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