Doctor shows X-ray of boy with possible covid-19

Doctor shows X-ray of boy with possible covid-19

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Doctor shows X-ray of boy with possible covid-19

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Mexico City / 08.29.2021 16:35:01

In the wake of the third wave of the covid-19 pandemic multiple documented infections from minors in Mexico, a situation that generates debate around the return to face-to-face classes on social networks, where doctors have given themselves the task of sharing details about the cases of children and young people they have diagnosed or treated.

Images of X-rays of lungs damaged by inflammation or fibrosis in minors have circulated on Twitter. One of the photographs shared them Arturo López Yáñez, pediatrician (R3 Pediatric Dermatology).

The doctor points out that the x-ray shows the lungs of a 2-year-old boy, who started with diarrhea and fever (symptoms associated with covid-19), so the reason for the consultation was due to cough and saturation of 76%. hundred.

“It started with diarrhea, then fever … reason for consultation cough and saturation at home of 76 percent … oh and she has 2 years of life and is apparently healthy beforehand, what do you think it is?”, The pediatrician wrote together to the picture.

However, the doctor did not confirm that it was a case of covid-19. Later, Miguel Angel Torres Salas, Pediatric surgeon from Monterrey, Nuevo León, spoke of the case of a two-month-old baby who tested positive for covid-19.

“Yesterday we applied CVC in a two-month-old baby … probable sepsis, diarrhea and dehydration. The anesthesiologist requested an antigenic test for covid, the emergency department almost had a heart attack, the CVC was urgent … the test came out positive … ERs were almost reinserted … the anesthesiologist and I, “he commented.