Doctors have confirmed that tanning causing skin cancer

Faux tan has a harmful carcinogenic and, therefore, may be the cause of skin cancer. This statement was made by scientists from the USA, drew attention to the fact that representatives of the cosmetics industry deliberately ignore the dangers associated with tanning beds.

Медики подтвердили, что солярии провоцируют рак кожи

American company offering the services of tanning, do not inform their clients about all the risks associated with intense ultraviolet radiation. Thus, scientists have proved that such radiation could be carcinogenic.

“Ultraviolet radiation used in tanning, refers to the carcinogenic factors of the first group is the most dangerous from the point of view of skin cancer factors (according to the world health organization from 2009 onwards). But the owners of tanning salons continue to deny these risks or do not give them the necessary attention, with the result that ordinary people suffer, not informed about the threat”, — said the official representatives of the American Academy of dermatology.

The scientists added that the artificial sun, of course, there are advantages (e.g. related to its ability to stimulate vitamin D synthesis), but they pale in comparison with the dangers. The cosmetic industry needs to increase the degree of awareness associated with the risks of tanning beds to reduce the number of cases of skin cancer.

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