Doctors told how heaters can harm your health

Heaters give the desired heat in the house, but it can greatly harm the health, warn doctors. A particular danger they pose to people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, writes “Medical information network”.

Врачи рассказали, как обогреватели могут навредить здоровью

Before the start of the heating season, many are beginning to use heaters to create a comfortable home temperature. But few people think about the impact of these devices on health, said the doctors.

Experts have told how the heaters can harm the health

Worsen the condition of people with heart disease. Experts say that in a room with a working heater, a battery increases the level of carbon monoxide which is very harmful in heart disease. Additionally, the transition into a warm room from a cold environment creates the effect of the temperature swings that trigger vascular spasms.

Harm the skin, eyes. Winter heating season – an ordeal for the skin: the use of heaters contributes to increased dryness, irritation, itching, inflammation, exacerbation of allergic reactions and premature aging.Also, according to doctors, a permanent stay in the room with the heater hurts the eyes, Sears it increases the risk of developing conjunctivitis.

Inhibit the brain. According to the Clinic of the RAMS Institute of nutrition dry air and reduced oxygen content in the room with the heater harmful to the brain — while there are drowsiness, problems with concentration, feeling foggy.

“To use a heater you need maximum caution to elderly people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, asthma. With dry air can be combated by placing next to the battery or a heater capacity of water” — gave advice to health care providers.

The doctors told me that more of the air dried oil heaters. In addition, when heated in the air, can release toxins.

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