Doesn't affect: The interior stopped the order for CzechPointy, NAKIT couldn't handle it

Doesn't affect: The interior stopped the order for CzechPointy, NAKIT couldn't handle it


Illustration photo – Czech POINT logo.

Prague – The Ministry of the Interior has stopped the contract for the modernization of the CzechPoint project for tens of millions of crowns. The head of the department, Vít Rakušan (STAN), justified the decision by the fact that the National Agency for Communication and Information Technologies (NAKIT) failed to fulfill the contract. Because of this, he ordered an extraordinary inspection at the agency, wrote the website Neovlivní.cz today.

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The state agency NAKIT was the supplier of the contract for the modernization of CzechPoints, which was ordered from it internally. At the end of last year, however, it was discovered that it did not deliver the required services. “As soon as I received information that NAKIT could not fulfill the contract despite repeated promises and demanded more money for it, the Ministry of the Interior stopped the contract,” he told the Austrian server.

The minister ordered an extraordinary inspection of the agency. “As soon as I know the results, I will take further steps based on them. However, the important thing is that we stopped the contract before we paid for it, so we did not suffer any financial damage,” said the Minister Neovlivní.cz.

The ministry did not pay for the contract, but according to the server, this does not mean that the state was not harmed. According to employees, NAKIT paid external suppliers. “It's almost 100 million crowns that NAKIT paid back,” one of the agency's employees told the server under the promise of anonymity. According to him, it turned out that what the companies supplied for the money was unusable, or only partially usable.

The long-time head of NAKIT, Vladimír Dzurilla, did not want to comment on the contract when asked by Neovlivní.cz, citing the fact that he no longer works at the agency and cannot speak for her. NAKIT spokesman Lukáš Trnka only stated that the agency cannot comment on the order until the inspection is over.

The CzechPoint project, i.e. the Czech Data Verification Information National Terminal, enables citizens to communicate with the state through one place. It is possible to obtain data from public and non-public information systems of the public administration or to officially verify documents and documents. There are currently 7,364 CzechPoint branches in the Czech Republic, the vast majority of them in municipal offices and Czech Post offices.

The NAKIT agency was founded on February 1, 2016 as a service organization of the Ministry of the Interior. Provides services in information and communication technologies. Among other things, it ensures the conceptual development of critical communication infrastructure and secure solutions for shared state services. After Dzuril's departure at the end of last year, the agency is temporarily led by the head of its legal department, Jan Ďoubal. An internal competition was announced for the position of director. The lawyer Vladimír Chrástecký was originally proposed for this position. However, the Neovlivní.cz server reported in December that Chrástecký had been legally convicted in the past for harboring thieves.