Domenicali and the speech to Hamilton and Verstappen |

Domenicali and the speech to Hamilton and Verstappen |

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Domenicali and the speech to Hamilton and Verstappen |

With the tender valid for the Dutch Grand Prix now at the gates, Lewis Hamilton shows up in the “enemy’s lair” Max Verstappen with only 3 points of advantage from the latter in the general classification. With less than ten races to go between now and the end of the championship, the battle between the two riders is getting more and more alive, and every mistake or victory can prove to be fundamental for the conquest of the title.

However, both the English and Dutch have not spent a recent period free from criticism and controversy, as well as from incidents that have directly involved them such as that of Silverstone. In a weekend that will see a flood of fans orange ready to support the home idol of Red Bull – with the presence of the Royal family in the gallery of honor – among those who wish to attend a show without contacts and improprieties there is the managing director of the FOM Stefano Domenicali. The former sporting director and team principal of Ferrari, interviewed by PA Media, wanted to focus on what happened between the two pilots in England: “It’s always easy to tell whose fault it is – commented the manager from Imola – but I’m not a referee. In my position, the priority was to make sure Max was okay. I talked to both of them after the race for make sure thatcontinued the challenge at the right level. I know them very well, but because of my sense of responsibility, my experience and my relationship with them, it was natural for me to act in this way. I’m not a teacher and I know they are the best riders, but it was right to talk about them ”.

A meeting, the one between Domenicali and the standard bearers of Mercedes and Red Bull, which the FOM president himself wanted to carry out to avoid episodes similar to those of Silverstone towards the final part of the current season: “After the accident – It reaffirmed – both have understood that they will play for the world championship until the end of a season that will be intense, not only technically, but also mentally. It is natural that neither of us wants to give up an inch, and this kind of approach is great that those who, like us, love Formula 1 ″.

Returning to current events, the 56-year-old executive finally expressed a comment concerning the possible unfriendly reception of the Dutch fans against Lewis Hamilton, already booed during the last test in Belgium by Verstappen supporters. Regarding this circumstance, Domenicali has clear ideas: “I don’t think there will be too aggressive an attitude towards him – he analyzed – but in any case they will have the opposite effect on Lewis: the more pressure he feels, the better he expresses himself. Obviously I’d like to see a different cheering manifestation, but the boos they are part of the challenge between these two pilots. Rather – Domenicali concluded – I am honored that they are giving us this gift by fighting for the title. My dream would be to attend the decisive race in Abu Dhabi“.

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