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Due to an error, the Government needed two decrees to formalize the resignation of Aníbal Fernández from his previous position

The forced swerve that the Government gave in the composition of its Cabinet, after the electoral defeat of the Frente de Todos in the PASO and the resurgence of the fierce internal in the ruling coalition, added a new mess this Tuesday, and it has to do with one of the names that aroused the most controversy in recent hours, that of Aníbal Fernández.

With his new position as Minister of Security, which was formalized in the Official Gazette through Decree 642/2021 and which had the signatures of Alberto Fernández and Eduardo “Wado” from Pedro, a previous step was also needed, which was the from resignation of the new member of the Cabinet in his charge as controller of the Río Turbio Carboniferous Field.

There a little problem arose. It is that in Decree 634/2021 it was written that Río Turbio Carboniferous Deposit and the Ferroporter Services with Terminals in Punta Loyola and Río Gallegos, which were in charge of the official, depend “on the Mining Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy”, which which one implied a double mistake.

On the one hand, the Ministry of Mining is under the orbit of the Ministry of Production. On the other hand, the entity in question actually depends on the Ministry of Energy, which does belong to the Ministry of Economy led by Martín Guzmán.

That is why the Government had to correct its failure with another Decree, 637/2021, in which it was clarified that “it has been warned that in the decree cited in an inadvertent material error has slipped“.

Unlike the appointment as minister, the decrees that formalized the resignation, together with the President, were signed by Santiago Cafiero, who later resigned his post as Chief of Staff to become Chancellor.

Of course, Aníbal Fernández, with a long career in the State, was thanked “the valuable services provided in the performance of their duties “.

Aníbal Fernández was sworn in as Minister of Security. Photo Germán García Adrasti

Aníbal Fernández is already in office

Aníbal Fernández met this Monday with the outgoing Minister of Security, Sabina Frederic, to agree the “technical” conditions of the transfer of the portfolio, after the latest cabinet changes driven by the defeat of the Frente de Todos in the PASO.

The new minister assured that “there will be no changes in the domes” and that last Saturday he had a first conversation with them.

“I anticipated that I am not going to change the domes and in a while I will ask you to meet tomorrow. With me there will be no conflicts because I I am very clear about what I am betting on I see, “he confirmed.

Anibal Fernández at Casa Rosada. Photo Federico López Claro

Regarding the objectives of his management, he pointed out: “I would like all those who go to work in the morning to be able to leave, go to work and return without any setback. There are also complex crimes that must be addressed as such and in that there are I have to work hard. But I’m calm because we always choose very powerful people for those things“.

Later, Aníbal Fernández met with Omar Perotti, governor of Santa Fe, a province traversed by its problems with drug trafficking.


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