Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the new York elite runs to the island of Nantucket

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the new York elite runs to the island of Nantucket Author: Alexander Bugaev due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the rich flee to the island of Nantucket Photo: pixabay.com/skeeze COVID-19 Coronavirus Nantucket news new York news USA new York pandemic Из-за вспышки коронавируса нью-йоркская элита бежит на остров Нантакет

Despite the fact that the only local hospital only 14 seats 3 and the apparatus of artificial lung ventilation (ALV), rich people of new York flocked to their summer residence on the tiny island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

According to the New York Post, Sunday on the island recorded its first case of infection with coronavirus. Local officials are asking visitors to stay away from Nantucket during a pandemic.

“Nantucket is a “medical desert,”!”, – said the General Director of the Nantucket Cottage Hospital Gary Shaw, noting the shortage of doctors and the fact that the island has no intensive care.

In a small whaling town is home to only 17,000 people, but every summer its population increases 3 times. Now local residents reported long lines of private jets at the airport, and BMW and Mercedes with new York license plates fill the streets of Nantucket.

A local company to manage the property, said that she has already received offers to open about half of summer residences, which it manages.

In response Gary Shaw said he turned on the refrigerators in the morgue of the island.

“We tell everyone who goes to the island, or those who have come here from other cities or settlements that Nantucket has limited medical resources, and the increasing number of cases can rapidly overwhelm our hospital, – reads the statement of the hospital. – If you have a choice – to be on Nantucket or not, we ask that you make the decision to stay outside the island, to avoid a potentially horrible scenario for our community and our hospital”.

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