EA believes they do not receive “enough credit” for how well they manage school purchases

EA believes they do not receive “enough credit” for how well they manage school purchases

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EA believes they do not receive “enough credit” for how well they manage school purchases

“I’m not sure we get enough recognition,” says its CFO.

Electronic arts It doesn’t exactly have the best reputation in the industry when it comes to purchasing studies. Its history of purchases and closings of studies is quite extensive, with illustrious names such as Westwood, Bullfrog, Maxis, Pandemic, Visceral and Black Box, still leaving some in the inkwell. However, its acquisitions in recent years have fared much better than in previous years. Respawn Entertainment has become in one of the pillars of the company, and Codemasters … it is still too early to know, but the company already claims that they don’t get the recognition they deserve for how well they know how to buy and integrate new studies.

I don’t think we get enough credit for itBlake jorgensenIn the call with shareholders following Electronic Arts’ tax results, Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen states that Codemasters has been integrated quickly in the company and praises EA’s work in coordinating efforts in the premiere of F1 2021. “About the F1 game I would say that we have exceeded our expectations. There is nothing bad to say about the F1 team because they are exceptional. I want to I mean, they haven’t even been ours for very long. So the question is: Is it possible integrate teams, our marketing and publishing efforts to try and boost that business [Codemasters] as fast as we have? “

“This is where you might have some questions to ask,” Jorgensen responds to shareholders. “And, in fact, we have passed that. It is the test of an exceptional development team that he has been able to produce the right materials, the right publicity materials, to help us power this company and the teams working together. And you know what? I don’t think we get enough credit for it“The EA executive thinks the company deserves more praise for how quickly they have been able to integrate Codemasters and manage a launch as important as F1 2021. And he also states that This is not new for them.

At EA we are a group of people who know how to work well togetherBlake jorgensen“At EA we are a group of people who really know how to work well together. We do a great job when working with other parts of the company. Y when we incorporate into an acquisition, we work well with them. I think the clearest example here is when you look at Respawn and see what has happened with Apex Legends, “continues the manager.” Respawn obviously led the incredible development of Apex, but they have engaged with us incredibly well to drive what it is now… it is close to almost 2 billion dollars generated in more than two years. It is unheard of in our industry. And I’m not sure we get enough recognition thus”.

In light of Respawn’s successes, including games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and the successful launch of the new F1 2021… Do you think the EA manager is right? What EA has changed when buying studios? Or do you prefer to wait to see what happens with Codemasters before speaking out? On this subject, we remember that Codemasters operates independently within EA, although the British developer has lost its original directors just a few months after its purchase.

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