Ecclestone: “The fans are everything and I would like the engines of the past” |

Ecclestone: “The fans are everything and I would like the engines of the past” |

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Ecclestone: “The fans are everything and I would like the engines of the past” |

How would one be Formula 1 with the stands and the lawns of the circuits without fans it was seen for most of the past season and until last weekend. With the capacity of the stands cleared and then drastically reduced for limit Coronavirus infections, the tracks have lost warmth and color, but now that for the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring the fans returned en masse to support their favorites, it seems as if they were witnessing the usual show. “The fans make themselves heard here, it’s great to see them in the stands. They are all dressed in orange, maybe they are supporting McLaren and not Max [Verstappen]”he joked Lando Norris after qualifying.

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The importance of the public was also emphasized by Bernie Ecclestone. The former patron of Formula 1 explained that the restrictions to curb the rush of the pandemic “They made everyone aware of how much spectators play a vital role in setting the mood that you expect to breathe in sporting events “. In an interview with Servus TV Ecclestone, who remained on the Circus bridge until 2016 before ceding his empire to the Americans of Liberty, also spoke of the new rules for engines which will come into effect in 2025.“I really miss the roar of the old engines”, admitted the ‘dad’ of modern Formula 1, according to whom “People don’t care if an engine is efficient or how much gas it consumes”.

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What matters, in the end, is “Watch the duels between the pilots”Ecclestone added speaking of the current season, which he defined at times “very exciting” because of the fierce competition between Red Bull and Mercedes. Another aspect of the new Formula 1 that arouses much curiosity in the English manager is related to sprint races, the new qualifying format that will debut at Silverstone on July 17th.

“Personally I have always found the funniest tests in the races”, revealed Ecclestone, who also made a nod to his new life off the slopes to wrap up. “Watching Ace, who has just turned one, grow up is an overwhelming experience, every day that passes is a surprise”, said the former Formula 1 boss, who last year became a dad again at 89 and now wants to enjoy his family in a way he has never been able to do before, sucked into the frenzied whirlwind of a profession he has dedicated to. a whole life.