Edmonton Elks: An Old New Team

Edmonton Elks: An Old New Team

Edmonton Elks&nbsp ;: an old new team

L Head Coach Chris Jones has signed three of the CFL's best receivers.

Elks head coach and general manager Chris Jones never admitted it publicly, but when he was named to the head of the team in December 2021, he gave himself two years to put together a competitive team.

Last season served him to observe his workforce. Over 100 different players have played at least one game in Elk uniforms.

About 40 are back, including 36 who were in uniform for the last game of the season.

A big many veterans are back on defense, including the six players with the most defensive tackles last season.

The return of many players to the defensive unit is good news, according to defensive back Jérémie Dominique.

Jérémie Dominique, defensive back with the Elks

When you know someone you're playing well, you can know what they're going to do without necessarily needing confirmation, he says. When you play with someone you don't know that well, there's a certain part that's hard to predict.

The Montreal native played 15 games a year pass. We have mainly seen him in special teams, but he has also had the chance to make many presences in defense. He hopes to succeed in winning one of the few starting positions available in defense.

The Elks finished last in the Western Conference with 4 wins and 14 losses.

The offense has been faltering throughout the season, but Chris Jones made significant changes within this unit.

He got along with three free agents who are among the best pass receivers in the Canadian League.

Eugene Lewis, formerly of the Alouettes, finished third in the CFL last season with receptions totaling 1,303 yards.

Steven Dunbar wore the colors of the Hamilton Tiger Cats last season, he finished 10th with 1,000 receiving yards.

Ex-Saskatchewan Roughriders Kyran Moore, for his part, has amassed only 295 yards, but also played only 7 games. During the 2019 season, he had accumulated gains of 996 yards through the air.

The addition of these three receivers, combined with the return of Dillon Mitchell, who had 637 yards in 8 games, and veteran Emmanuel Arceneaux, who in 12 games had 513 yards, should make the Elks offense more dangerous .

We see them every day on the pitch, they are explosive. It bodes well, says Jérémie Dominique, who faces the Elks attack during each training session.

This variety of quality receivers should help Taylor Cornelius who enters the season with the title, unequivocally, of the team's number one quarterback.

Last season he had a difficult start to the season, but recovered nicely at the end of the calendar.

The Elks rushing offense will be able to count this season on Kevin Brown who in 7 games last season amassed 486 yards on the ground and 176 passing.

Newcomer Micheal Brodrique is trying to carve out a spot on the Edmonton roster.

Micheal Brodrique tries to win a position with the Elks.

Selected in the first round, second overall, the former University of Montreal Carabins color holder knows he has to prove himself before he can play regular with the Elks.

I know that my integration will be done through the special teams, mentions the player who obtained a bachelor's degree in science of education. Luckily for me, I played on special teams throughout my career in Montreal.

Players who are stars in the college ranks, as is the case with the Elks' new color carrier, haven't spent much time on special teams in recent years.

The linebacker believes that his experience in this facet of the game can help him integrate more quickly.

It is within the special teams that we can show our character, says Micheal Brodrique.

The Elks host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday.