Edomex reaches 171 thousand 50 covid infections

Edomex reaches 171 thousand 50 covid infections

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Edomex reaches 171 thousand 50 covid infections

Monserrat Mata

Toluca / 08/28/2021 22:22:57

At one year and six months after the first case was registered, this Saturday the State of Mexico reported 166 new cases of covid-19, with which 171,050 accumulated positive cases were reached.

The Ministry of Health reported that until this Saturday there are 100 thousand 574 Mexicans who have overcome this disease and they already have their health discharge.

The health sector reported that 212 thousand 286 patients are classified as negative cases, 25 thousand 358 suspects and unfortunately they have registered 29,278 deaths attributed to the infectious agent SARS-CoV-2.

The agency pointed out that 1,737 Mexicans are currently being treated in state hospitals and another 1,464 patients from the State of Mexico are admitted to different hospitals in the Mexican Republic.

In addition to a total of 37,997 patients are under home protection.

Keep sanitary measures!

The Ministry of Health recalled that this respiratory disease continues, so this season mass meetings should be avoided by wearing face masks, performing frequent hand washing or, where appropriate, smearing antibacterial gel, supporting people with chronic degenerative diseases.

They also reiterate that in case of suspicion of respiratory infection, call the COVID-19 Edomex line 800 900 32 00.