Egypt, Patrick Zaky remains in prison after more than 18 months of detention without trial

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Egypt, Patrick Zaky remains in prison after more than 18 months of detention without trial

Patrick Zaky remains in prison

A further postponement of his release and another 45 days in prison for Patrick Zaky, the Egyptian researcher studying at the University of Bologna, detained in Egypt without trial for 18 and a half months. The 27-year-old’s imprisonment was confirmed today, 22 August 2021, but the detention period has not yet been specified.

The news was disclosed on Twitter by the NGO Eipr (Egyptian initiative for human rights) of which the Egyptian student belongs. According to activists on the page FacebookPatrick Libero, today’s audience took place as Coptic Christians celebrate the feast of the Virgin Mary, who is Patrick’s patron saint. On the same page comes a further appeal, this time not to the jailers, now deaf to the words of activists and the international community, but to ordinary citizens.

“We believe that Patrick can come back with us overnight and we are confident that our love will transcend prison walls, injustice and hatred “, reads the page.” We know that you have been with us for a long time but he still needs your support, keep talking about Patrick, keep asking for his freedom and keep fighting for him ”.

At the end of the hearing, i diplomats of the embassies of Italy, UK And United States were able to speak to the lawyer of Zaki, Hoda Nasrallah, after having deposited a written communication to indicate to the judge the interest in the case and the willingness to resume attending the hearings. For months, in fact, no outsider, including diplomats, has been allowed access to the State Security Court, annexed to the prison in Tora.

The allegations against Patrick George Zaki

The leader of the April 6 Movement, Sayed E. Nasr, has provided exclusively to TPI the charges against Patrick George Zaki. The young activist is accused of spreading false news, including through his social media accounts, with the aim of disturbing public order and endangering national security; to incite unauthorized protests, with the aim of discrediting the prestige of the state and overthrowing the government; to make propaganda with the aim of changing the basic principles of the constitution and above all of promoting violent behavior and crimes of a terrorist matrix. According to Amnesty International, Patrick Zaky faces up to 25 years in prison.