Eitan, also investigated the maternal grandmother for aggravated kidnapping

Eitan, also investigated the maternal grandmother for aggravated kidnapping

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Eitan, also investigated the maternal grandmother for aggravated kidnapping

Eitan, her maternal grandmother also investigated for aggravated kidnapping

Eitan’s maternal grandmother, the only survivor of the Mottarone massacre, is also being investigated for aggravated kidnapping together with her ex-husband Shmuel Peleg, for having stolen the child from the uncles to whom he had been entrusted, transferring him in secret to Israel.

The six-year-old boy, who lost his father, mother, two-year-old brother and two great-grandparents in the fall of the cable car last Saturday, was flown to Israel last Saturday after his Israeli relatives they had contested the custody of the Italian branch of the family

following the tragedy that occurred on May 23 last. Israeli uncles and grandparents believe that Eitan should grow up in Israel and receive a Jewish education and not in Italy, where he lived before the tragedy.

The dispute between the two families, which culminated with the striking turning point this weekend, has led to increasingly heated statements in the press in recent days.

“The Peleg family keeps Eitan as Israeli soldiers are detained in Hamas prisons” was the latest accusation made by the Italian relatives to whom Eitan was entrusted. It was launched on Israeli broadcaster N12 by Or Nirko, husband of Eitan’s paternal aunt, Aya Biran, appointed by the court as legal guardian of the child. The maternal grandmother instead said that “there was no kidnapping”, stating that the conditions in which the child was found would be “very bad”. Eitan is our world and we want to make sure it’s okay. It’s the only thing that interests us, ”Esther Cohen, aka Etty, said in an interview with Israeli broadcaster Radio 103.

The Pavia prosecutor who is investigating the case has entered her and Eitan’s other maternal grandfather, the ex-husband Shmuel Peleg, in the register of suspects, on charges of kidnapping aggravated by the age of the victim.

Shmuel would have chartered the private jet from Lugano that brought Eitan to Israel for 9 thousand euros, taken during a visit that was granted to him. To travel, the 58-year-old former lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army carried the child’s Israeli passport, which the tutelary judge had ordered to be returned to his aunt Aya by 30 August. On 11 August the same court of Pavia had forbidden expatriation to Eitan, except with the guardian or with her authorization.